Monday, December 31, 2007

100 on the 100th Blog

Many of you have read Tarah's blog and you have gotten to know our family, but with her 100th blog I want you to really know how amazing and special she is, so I have decided to tell you 100 things I love, think are funny, and think you should know about my wife.

1. Woman of God - This is what initially attracted me to Tarah, seeing her faithfulness and love for God.

2. Wonderful Wife - Tarah is a Proverbs 31 woman and she would have to be to put up with me.

3. Wonderful Mom- Long before we got to bring Jericho home I knew that she was an amazing mom. I saw her sit 8 weeks on bed rest for Grace and 27 weeks with Gideon and 38 weeks with Jericho. She sacrificed so much for our children and it only continues on a daily basis.

4. Loves God's word - I love seeing Tarah reading her bible and her passion to implement it into her life.

5. Intercessor - If Tarah knows you she is praying fervently for you and your family. This is one of my favorite aspects of Tarah.

6. Beautiful - I am constantly stunned by her beauty

7. Integrity - Tarah is always above reproach in everything she does

8. Caring- Tarah's heart for hurting and needy people never ceases.

9. Passionate - Everything Tarah does is with passion and 100%

10. Loving - When you are around Tarah the love of Christ radiates from her.

11. Athletic - Tarah has always been involved in sports and been athletic and anytime we play I have to give it my all just so I don't get beat by a girl.

12. Wise - I constantly go to Tarah for her advice because of my tendency to rush into things.

13. Analytical - There are times when I come home with this great idea and share it with Tarah and she picks it apart to make sure that I cover ever basis from start to finish. This was very frustrating until I realized the benefits in planning.

14. Baker - Tarah loves to bake and I love to eat, so this works out really well, she makes these peanut butter bars that make people go crazy. She put them in an auction and they sold for around 25 dollars.

15. Learner- Tarah loves to learn new things. Right now we are shifted to eating more natural and organic foods and she has a good friend that is teaching her how to do it. (Thanks Jen)

16. Encourager - I am a words person and God placed me with the right wife who looks for ways to encourage me and she does a great job of it.

17. Motivator- Tarah is very good at challenging me.

18. Hot Chocolate lover - I have never met anyone who drinks more hot chocolate

19. Hot Shower Taker - If she could she would take 10 long hot showers a day

20. Pillow Protector- Nothing but her head can touch her pillow. On vacation she doubles pillow cases her pillow to avoid any unwanted germs.

21. Loves Clean Sheets - we probably change our sheets 3 times a week and we would more if we had more sheets to put on the bed.

22. Packer Fan - Don't come near the house if the Packers are losing. She won't even let me be a true Packer fun because I didn't grow up loving them.

23. Bigger Favre Fan - I keep telling her the true test of her Packer fan-ness (mad up word) is if when Favre leaves she is still as big of a Packer fan.

24. Card Player - You should see this girl shuffle, I think we can get this girl a job as a dealer in a Vegas. She beats me at all card games.

25. Skippo Winner - In our 3.5 years of marriage I have only beat her 4 or 5 times out of 100.

26. Blog spy- There are many people in the blog world that Tarah reads all their blogs, but never leaves them a comment, so I call her a Blog Spy.

27. Bump, Set, Spiker - Tarah loves playing volleyball and I enjoy watching her. (Go Eliminators)

28. Question Asker - When Tarah and I first started dating we would sit for hours and Tarah would ask me every question she could think of and this still carries over to our late night talks.

29. Puppy Trainer - Tarah trained our dog Gamba to ring a bell when he wants to go outside, army crawl, shake, and many more tricks.

30. Hard Worker - Tarah is a very hard worker, she is up early and goes to bed late.

31. Mold Hater - Tarah told me that if she would only marry me if I agreed to clean out the refrigerator.

32. Organizer - Our house is completely organized, every draw, closet, and cabinet. I am scared to get her a label maker.

33. Quick Laborer - With Gideon it took only 5-10 minutes of pushing and with Jericho 2 hours of labor and only 7 min of pushing.

34. House Cleaner - She does a great job of keeping our house clean and smelling good.

35. My biggest help - She helps me so much with our Children's ministry. She has stayed late, worked hard, and prayed for our kids ministry.

36. Snake Hater - Tarah hates snakes, so do I.

37. Eagle ears - Tarah can hear anything, anywhere, our kids are in trouble.

38. Neat Freak - Tarah has to have everything in order.

39. Fridged Foot - Tarah's feet are always freezing and she always puts them on me.

40. Sheet Tucker - She always has to have her sheets tucked in at the foot of the bed.

41. OCD - Tarah is borderline OCD with needing things to be just right. Its not a bad thing though.

42. Thinker - You can sit in a room with Tarah and she may not say much, but you look at her and know she is in deep thought.

43. Mascara Lover - The only makeup that Tarah wears on a regular basis is Mascara.

44. Hoody Lover - On any given day you can stop by our house and Tarah is dressed in jeans and a hoody.

45. Picture Taker- Ever since Tarah started this blogging thing she has a camera with her every where she goes. The picture of the sleeping people in the mall are an example.

46. Loves her family - Tarah is really close to her family and loves talking with them.

47. Time Saver - Tarah always has me put toothpaste on her toothbrush if she is running late and she feels this saves her time.

48. Pillow Talker- Every time we crawl into bed and I am almost asleep she begins a long conversations.

49. Precious Moments Collector - Tarah has a whole lot of Precious Moments figurines

50. Planner - Tarah is very good at planning.

51. Closet Closer- She has to have the closet door shut completely before she falls asleep.

52. Cold Sleeper - She loves to have the room cold when she sleeps - even though her feet are always freezing.

53. Noise Maker- She needs a noise maker to help her sleep, she can't handle if it is perfectly quite.

54. Football Fan - Her favorite thing to watch is sports and football is her favorite sport to watch.

55. Hiccuper- Tarah has hiccups that sound like a little dog. I never heard this until we were engaged to be married. I thought there was a little dog on the other end of the phone.

56. Multitasker - Tarah can do like a hundred things at once especially when she is cooking, when I cook there is only one thing I can do at a time.

57. Silly - Tarah tries to act like I am crazy, I wish some of you could see the silly side of Tarah.

58. Body Popper - He knees, elbows, ankles, neck and every other bone in her body pops constantly.

59. Word Maker Upper - We makes up words all time time, like our pillow talk we call HoJo time and the commercials that are longer and in the middle of the show we call swoohoo's.

60. Leftover Maker - Tarah tends to cook for a family of 6 so come by if you are hungry around 6:30.

61. Hates to eat Leftovers - Although Tarah makes lots of leftovers I tend to get stuck eating them.

62. Bomb Shelter Stocker - Tarah likes to have a year supply of everything in stock. I have to admit it is nice when we run out of stuff, but it's a little tough on the budget.

63. Loves Being Pregnant - Everything about being pregnant Tarah loves.

64. Ear Wiggler - She can wiggle her ears

65. Bread maker - Tarah loves to make our bread from scratch. I love it to.

66. She can pick things up with her toes.

67. Stubborn - She is a very hard person to argue with, you can't change her mind.

68. Talker - She loves to talk with people. Wait to call her after 7pm and you will save us millions.

69. Quality Time - Tarah loves quality time. This is her #1 love language.

70. Grocery Shopper- Tarah loves to walk around grocery stores.

71. Loves walks - Tarah loves to just go for walks. We have trails behind our house that we love to go for walks on.

72. Window Shopper - We spent 3 hours in a mall the other day just looking and not buying a thing. Pretty impressive.

73. Loves the outdoors - We love the nature

74. Loves Camping - We try to go camping every year

75. Indecisive - It is very hard to get Tarah to make a final decision on anything.

76. Scarer - Tarah loves to scare me as often as possible and it works.

78. Breakfast Food Eater - Tarah loves to eat breakfast food anytime of the day, especially cereal.

79. Loves to read - Tarah reads about 3 books at a time.

80. Tongue Roller

81. Sight Seer - We love to go sight seeing. I do some work on a lake up here and it is surround by small mountains and we love to just drive around to different sights.

82. Road Tripper - Not so much now that we have a baby but we have taken many long trips. Our longest was with a baby 26 hours. That will never happen again.

83. Hand Sanitizer- Tarah sanitizes and/or washes her hands probably a 100 times a day.

84. One on Oner - Tarah loves to sit down with people and talk with them one on one.

85. Loves Campfires - We have a fire pit and we are out there about every night in the spring.

86. Snuggler - Tarah loves to snuggle on the couch

87. Long Arms - Tarah was made for sports her arms are abnormally long.

88. Good Listener - Tarah can sit and listen for hours.

89. Good Cook - Tarah loves to cook and is great at it. She has now started making everything from scratch which creates a lot of dishes, but it is well worth it.

The last 10 I want to share with you some of her favorites!

90. Favorite Sweet - Chocolate Chip Cookies

91. Favorite Movies - Notebook and Sweet Home Alabama (She could and has watched them over and over agian)

92. Favorite Sports Team - Green Bay Packers (in case you haven't figured that out yet)

93. Favorite Pizza - Pepperoni

94. Favorite Sport - Volleyball

95. Favorite Kitchen Utensil - Spatula

96. Favorite Preacher - ME- I bribe her.

97. Favorite Shirt - Her Be Big shirt, but she usually only wears it when she is pregnant.

98. Favorite Verse - Joshua 24:15 "But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your forefathers served beyond the river, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living, But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord."

99. Favorite Saying - "Life is hard, but God is good."

100. Favorite Place to be - Home - with her favorite people & puppy


Anonymous said...

This is so sweet and blessed my heart! YOur husband was really thoughtful on this one! I guess i am a blog spy too but couldn't not comment on this one! You have such a beautiful family and yoguys love for the Lord really blesses my heart! God bless you for many years to come! Marisa

Dave and Rachel said...

Number 51 is me completely. I have no idea why, but I have to have my closet door shut before I can sleep!! That's funny..Now I know I'm not the only one in the world who does this too...;)

KT said...

Very sweet and neat to learn more about Tarah. She is an amazing woman. Bless you two!

Anna said...

This was so cool to read...yeah, I have to admit, I found that there are a bunch of things on this list that I can totally relate to...especially the blog spy! Tarah, you are truly an awesome woman of God!

Sarah said...

Wow Tarrah,

I had only met you a handful of times while at Elim and didn't really know you that well now I feel like I know a ton about you and can relate to a lot of it byt the way, way to go for being a snake hater (that is probobly the only time I use the word hate, that is how much I hate them) You are so blesed to have a great husband, and from reading his blog he feels very blessed to have a wonderful wife:-)

Tori Truesdale said...


Try be scared all the time at age 3! In case you forgot i think i told you about the cold feet, talking in bed, and much more before you married my sister. Also remember i put up with all those things for 20 years before you got her. I love Tarah to death and reading all these things made me cry cause i miss her so much. I love you guys...take care.


G. said...

What a sweet and thoughtful blog!

Anonymous said...

I love that Seth knows you so well. I miss you guys! I can't wait to see you. I hope we get some of those professional pictures you guys took.

Love Ya and Miss Ya Lots and Lots,

Tarrah said...

This was so cute to read! I like that Seth did it for you, it must have been neat for you to read his thoughts.

I am the same way with the bed sheets too, but I only have 1 really good set so I only get to change them every 2 weeks (so I don't over wash them). And there is really nothing like hung dry sheets in the summer. I love that smell :)