Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Present

We did get a Christmas tree today so technically I do have a Christmas decoration up. It's not decorated yet. Does it still count? Can we say it does. I need it to count. Does it help that we are hoping to decorate it later tonight. That means it counts right?! Although I'm not sure where all my Christmas decorations are, so I don't know if the whole decorating tonight is going to happen. Does that mean it doesn't count? Shoot, I tried, maybe next year. I don't think I hid my decorations on purpose but I could have done it subconsciously. . . . . . . . hhhmmmmmm . . . . . . . this might be more serious than I thought!

Anyway here are some pictures from out tradition, we're on our second year, of cutting down a tree. No, we did not go to the same place that we when to last year, our check book can attest to that.
It started to snow just as we got in the car to go get our tree which was kind of fun, but not really with a baby. Oh and I'm noticing that I like to pick the "no so Christmasy" Christmas trees. What is a "not so Christmasy" Christmas tree you ask. Well, it's the trees that most people wouldn't pick because they are not perfect. This year our tree is tall and very skinny and has a few bare spots and I guess it's kind of Charlie Brownish. I'm not sure if it's the Grinch in me coming out again or if it's the Charlie Brown in me. Seth says it's the Charlie Brown in me, it's the same reason I wanted to get the puppy with the heart mummer, and it's why I usually cheer for the underdog. Either way here are the pictures!
I'm ready to go mommy! I think.
It's cold out here! Do I have to show my face?!?
The pink thing sticking out of my jacket, that is Jericho.
Ok, I will, but not for long!

The "Not so Christmasy" Christmas Tree is picked

I think I can

I hope I can
I'm almost there
I did it! We have a tree!

Proof that Jericho was really there.

What Jericho did the whole time.


Dallise said...

I'm so proud of your tree and I can say it is 100% better than last years. You can now begin to build happy Christmas memories with Jericho. I've found the ornament today I want to give you next year, for Gideon. This time of the year we seem to miss him the most.

Enjoy decorating your "one" tree.

Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Love the tree, Tarah! It's not so has great personality!
Jericho is changing all the time! She's so sweet! Love the pink cheeks! Thanks for all the pictures and stories. Keep 'em coming!
Love you all!!

KT said...

Yeah, for cutting down a tree! Jericho is so precious...her cheeks are so chubby and rosey....I LOVE IT! May the Lord sustain you as you walk through these bitter-sweet days. Love Ya.