Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Past

So as of now I don't have a single Christmas decoration up. Is that horrible? I do enjoy Christmas I really do but it hasn't always been the easiest season of my life, especially the last 3 years, because of this I'm finding that I have a hard time decorating and getting in the swing of things. I guess in some ways you could call me a Grinch at least when it comes to decorating.
As I mentioned in a previous post Christmas Eve was when I started having problems with my first pregnancy. The next year Gideon was born and on Dec 21 I got to hold him for the first time, I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas present, but on Christmas Eve he started having problems that he never recovered from. Last year we were pleasantly surprised with another unexpected Christmas gift in the form of another pregnancy (Jericho) but before I knew I was pregnant I was a Grinch. I was mad that Gideon wasn't with us to celebrate Christmas and I didn't want to decorate or do anything that had to do with Christmas. My family was coming to visit, which I was excited about, and Seth reminded me that they were spending Christmas day with us so we should probably decorate and get a tree. I agreed but only days before Christmas. Because of my procrastination on the whole getting a tree thing we didn't have a whole lot of options. You'll never guess what we ended up doing, you're going to have to see for yourself but first let me tell you, or warn you, that the place where we went to cut down our tree only cost $10 a tree, that right there tells you how ghetto it was.
That's right we cut down the bottom of one and the top to another, not even sure if they were the same kind of tree but they were similar, and we glued and screwed them together. What kind of glue did we use you ask. Wood glue of course!
Even though I was trying to be a scrooge and didn't want a tree, Seth reminded me of my family and talked me into it. I'm so glad he did. We had so much fun trying to figure out what tree (or 2 trees) to get and how to put it together. We made some great memories but I will admit that it was pretty ghetto and I am now officially a redneck! I'm willing to admit it. Seriously though how can you not after you allow your husband to talk you into doing something like that.

The tree actually looked great and we got quite a few compliments on it! The only down side was that in pictures the tree looked two different color greens, but in real life you couldn't tell, so I guess it wasn't that big of deal. It was worth the memories and the story that we got to tell!


KT said...

I still can't believe you put two different trees together...hilarious. I can't believe how well it worked out either!

Amanda said...

i think that is one of the most hilarious and redneck things i have ever seen! that's totally something i would do!!!