Sunday, December 9, 2007

Junk in the Trunk. . . and I Mean Junk!

I just had to share these pictures. Jericho had exploded, yes that is poop that you see seeping through her sleeper, so I laid her down on her tummy, which she hates, so she wouldn't get poop everywhere and so she could finish doing her business and so I could finish making my bread (I guess I should say, so I could finish learning how to make my bread- Thanks Jen). She ended up crying herself to sleep, although she did manage to get her thumb in her mouth to comfort herself a little, I think she was trying to make herself feel better about the situation she was in because it wasn't pretty and me being the mom that I am let her sleep even though she was a mess. She didn't seem to mind for the time being.


KT said...

Nothing like a cute little girl with poo coming out everywhere!!! I remember those "blow-out" days well. It doesn't even seem to phase her though.

Andrea said...

Elliot had an explosion today too. Luckily it wasn't on the sleeper, but I took one look at the onsie underneath and threw it in the garbage.

Andrea said...
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