Friday, December 21, 2007

What a difference a day can make

Yesterday was frustrating

and crazy.

I woke up with a major headache.

Jericho's been going through a growth spurt

wanting to eat

all the time

and she's not feeling the best

spitting up

and fussy.

I was an emotional basket case.

The thought of going to the store had me in tears.

We went to the cemetery (it was the 20th)

They don't plow it (very annoying)

we got stuck (for the 2nd time, even more annoying)

the baby was crying the whole time (growth spurt)

and we got some disappointing news right before bed (that's a blog all by itslef)



was much better

very productive

and relaxing.

Jericho still wanted to eat all day

and she didn't sleep well


I got my focus on the Lord

instead of myself

what a difference a little focus adjustment makes!

I enjoyed rocking my baby to sleep (for every nap, she was still having a rough day)

I got laundry done

and organized a few (major) things (that I've been putting off)

got ironing done

which I hate

but not when Seth is sitting talking to me.

Seth and I made Peanut Butter Balls

Then we watched a movie

and played with the sweetest baby ever

Yes, today was much better!

Thank you Lord for focus adjustments!

Oh, I also thought about how thankful I am that 2 years ago


I got to hold my baby boy

for the 1st time!


Susie said...

It seems appropriate that you had "Cuddle Days" both years. If Jericho didn't need all the cuddling today, you probably still would want it.... right? I can forsee some designated "Cuddle Days" in my future too. Hope all is well now! :)

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Baby snuggles are a balm to your soul, aren't they? Whenever I am feeling really bad I find one of my kids and get a big long hug. It's amazing what that simple hug can do.
I am glad you are doing better - God is so loving and gracious to us.

Peanut butter balls... Yum!