Wednesday, December 19, 2007

She did it . . . . and I missed it!

Jericho and I were on the floor playing today when I decided to bust out my camera (pic is from today) because Jericho was on her tummy and she wasn't crying. Very rare people, she's not a tummy girl. So I'm snapping a few pictures and by this time Jericho starts squirming because she been on her tummy for a whole minute (that was sarcasm in case you were wondering). Being the nice mommy that I am I put her on her back so she wouldn't scream, only to pull her to her side and then to her tummy, being a not so nice mommy, because I'm trying to teach her how to roll over. While she was on her tummy (and not screaming, again rare) I decide to change the CD in the CD player which means I have to turn my back to Jericho, after changing the CD I turn back around and . . . . . she's on her back.

Wanna know what my first thought was - hey who turned the baby over (ask I look at Gamba) then I realize what happened. . . . Jericho rolled over for the first time. . . . and I missed it! I was so happy for her that I started clapping and being silly and she laughed and was excited, but then I got a little depressed because I missed it. To make myself not think about missing it I called Seth to inform him of Jericho's newest accomplishment. He said that he was going to quit his job because he misses everything (Mr. Over Exaggerator) but I quickly reminded him that I stay home and I missed it, so there is no need for him to quit his job. After getting off the phone I did what any parent would do - I tried to get her to do it again so I could see it. No such luck. She started screaming and throwing a fit which reminded me that it was nap time. So, I figured I would blog about it while she was sleeping and we'd try it again when she wakes up. Speaking of waking up, I think I hear her, wish me luck!


Reesie said...

I missed the first time Karston rolled over much the same way. I was trying to teach him and our dog (chewy) got in the way. When I got up to put the dog outside, he rolled over and I came back in suprised. I too, tried to make him do it again to no avail, but it wasn't long before he was rolling all over the place. How I miss those days. Have fun rolling around with Jericho.

Michelle said...

What a cute story! Sorry you missed the actual roll-over though. Good thing there will be many many more. Funny how babies just don't like tummy time. I remember how much Samuel used to cry and crunch his face up in frustration. It's hard to work out those little muscles!

G. said...

When Ava was just starting to talk her first word was "dada" when Kent came home from work one day, I told him she said "dada" and he said "I know. She said it for me the other day." I was sad that I had missed it but, happy that she said it first to her "dada". I'm enjoying you blog.