Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Praise the Lord. . . . . in everything you do!

So I've never done a "Wordless Wednesday" before and I was going to today because I was looking through some pictures last night and I found some that I wanted to share but since I'm writing I guess I can't call it "Wordless Wednesday." Oh well, I guess this is just another Wednesday post, like every other post that I've done on a Wednesday, maybe next week. Anyway, here are the pictures I wanted to show you of my sweet babies Praising the Lord even while they sleep!

Oh there is one more thing I want to point out. When I look at these two pictures Jericho actually looks kinda of small to me and Gideon looks big, but the red teddy bear at the bottom of Gideon's picture is a beanie baby, he was little, very little, even when he was all sprawled out.

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G. said...

The most adorable pictures. Jericho really looks like she's praising the Lord. She is precious.