Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Little Things

I woke up by my actual alarm clock instead of my normal one (Jericho.) My normal alarm decided to sleep in a little later than normal, I'm not complaining because I woke up with a pretty bad headache so the extra sleep was nice, but Jericho had a doctors apt this morning so having a little more time to get ready instead of rushing around would have been nice. Yet, the rushing around and trying to get out the door in time made me somewhat forget about my pounding headache.

We made it to the doctors with time to spare and things went great there, she's now a whopping 14lbs and 25 in long, my baby girl is growing up to fast! She did have to get some shots which is never fun but she did great. I was able to make it out of the doctors office without noticing my headache to much (it helps having friends that work their to talk to and keep your mind off it) but the moment I got to the car there was no denying it. I needed a nap, or drugs, or both, but I still had to run to the store.

While driving to the store I was begging the Lord for a close parking spot so I wouldn't have to haul Jericho as far and so we could get in and out as quick as possible. Not only did I get a good parking spot but there was a cart sitting right next to me so I didn't have to haul the car seat I just put it in the cart and away we went.

There was one thing on my list that I knew I had seen in the store before but they don't always carry it. I didn't have to have it, but it was for a friend so I really wanted it to be there, so once more I asked God to show me favor for this silly little request that the store would have it and that it would be easily found. It was there and I didn't have to search for it!

As I got in the car I noticed that we only had a quarter of a tank of gas, usually we'd be able to make it to Sunday (when gas in Lima is cheaper) but we have something every night this week and I don't think a quarter of a tank will make it till then. We have a Sam's card and gas is always cheaper there but I really didn't want to fill up, I really didn't want to wait in line (there's always a line at Sam's) and stand out in the freezing (10 degrees) cold and pump gas with a pounding headache. I really didn't want to. I rarely have to put gas in the car, honestly I hardly notice when we need gas. Seth almost always takes care of the gas and I'm so thankful, but since I was there and I knew it would save us a few bucks (every penny counts) I decided to suck it up and get gas. As I made the split second decision I prayed that I wouldn't have to wait in line and that I wouldn't have to stand in the cold for too long. As I pulled into the gas station all the cars that were in line disappeared it was like the parting of the Red Sea, there was no line to wait in and I wanted to do a happy dance, but I got out and pumped my gas which didn't take long and I didn't have to hold the nozzle so my hand's didn't freeze (I didn't have gloves on.) As I got in the car all I could do is smile and praise the Lord!

Jericho had fallen asleep the moment we left the doctors office and slept the whole time we were in the store and the whole time I was getting gas which meant she would most likely be up and ready to go the minute we got home. Like I said before my head was killing me and I needed a nap. I didn't know if the nap would help my headache (sometimes they do sometimes they don't) but I knew that if I could just not feel my head for a little while it would do me wonders. Once again I said a little prayer asking that Jericho would stay a sleep long enough for me to unload the car, unload her, get something to eat, let the dog out, call Seth and tell him not to call me because I was going to lay down (I rarely take naps but when I do he always calls and wakes me up)and get a quick nap in. I got everything done and looked at the clock as I was about to take my nap twelve o'clock exactly. I thought, Lord if you could give me till 2 o'clock, I know that's asking a lot (who gets a 2 hours nap when you have little ones, especially when the baby has been sleeping for an hour already) but I know I could make it through the rest of the day. Guess what time I woke up - 2:11 - God is so good! Guess how I woke up - Seth called - this made me laugh, he thought I would be up all ready, he felt really bad, Jericho woke up literally 2 minutes after he called so it was no big deal.

We have a party to go to tonight and I have to make a dessert to take. I totally forgot about this until last night so I did not have anything planned. I had thawed out some pumpkin when my dad was here and never used it so I decided to make a pumpkin roll. The only thing I wasn't sure if I had enough of were eggs, the recipe calls for 3 of them, I knew there were at least 1 left maybe 2 but 3 I wasn't very confident about. I could have looked before the doctors apt because I did have to go to the store after, but that would have been to easy. Once again I started praying. I open the fridge and counted my eggs 1, 2, 3 left - thank you Lord! I could make my pumpkin roll.

Now these are a lot of random things from today (there are even more things than this but I have a party to get to) that I've told you about today but there is a point. I wanted to show how the Lord does care about the little things. He knew my head was hurting and He made everything as easy as possible for me (maybe next time I should just ask Him to take me headache away - just thought about that.) I can't tell you how happy it makes me when little prayers get answered. It really does show how much God love and cares for us!

Thank you Lord for care about the little things in life!


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

That's a whole lot of answered prayer! I needed this reminder... so glad I read this today. My mom leaves on Saturday and I am AFRAID!!!! But, God is faithful and He does care, especially for the nursing mother. I should really look up that verse and commit it to memory!


Tarrah said...

What a blessing! That's great that you noticed all the little things. I think all too often we forget aoubt those and sometimes they are the most important.

Jerico is just beautiful BTW

Anonymous said...

I love that too! And the no cars at the Sam's club gas station is definitely a miracle. That just doesn't happen-ever! Hope your head is better.