Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Me" Time

I should probably be doing the dishes right now but yuck! I hate doing dishes. Actually I don't mind doing the dishes what I hate is the way I feel after I do them all gross and grimy - Ugh! So instead I am blogging shhh don't tell my husband. I feel like I haven't blogged much because we've been going non-stop and I miss it. There are so many things (not really important but still) that I've wanted to blog about but there has been no time. Seth had a meeting tonight that I was supposed to go to but friends invited us over for an early dinner (so Seth could come and still make it to the meeting on time.) So we went and and had a nice time (Thanks again KT) and then Jericho and I skipped out on the meeting. I think it was a good idea. Jericho was in bed by 8:15 let me just tell you that the girl needed some sleep! And I was able to get the house a little more put together, don't you hate how everything falls apart at home when you're busy, and the best part is that I now get some "me" time, some much needed "me" time. I've decided for my "me" time tonight I'm going to blog. We'll see how many I get done. Enjoy!

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