Thursday, January 24, 2008

Q & A: Answers for Susie

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Susie asked what was the worst sunburn I'd ever had. This......

...has to be it. I was almost 5 months pregnant for Jericho it had been cold for awhile (it was in end of March or beginning of April) we had some nice weather, as in 60 degrees, so I decided to sit outside for a little while, why didn't I cover my belly? I'm not sure but I think it was because the shirt I had on didn't fit over it and I just didn't think about it. I think I was out for an hour maybe and hour and a half. Who'd thought you could absolutely fry yourself when you out for an hour in 60 degree weather - NOT ME! But apparently when you are pregnant anything is possible. Hormones they mess you up! I remember looking at my belly afterwards and apologizing to the baby (Jericho) for frying her. I felt like the worst mother ever and Jericho hadn't even been born yet.

She also wanted to know what my favorite childhood game was? why it was my favorite? Is it still? Will I play it with Jericho? and Worst "Honeymoon" cooking disaster? (The thing you laugh about now, because Seth's sure you tried to poison him...I'll share mine sometime!) and what is the worst tasting medicine ever?

Ok my favorite childhood game was probably Kids in the Yard. I bet you've never heard of it huh. That's because you know it as Ghost in the graveyard. My mom didn't like that name so she made us call it Kids in the Yard. I'm so glad she did. At times I used to feel so stupid calling it that because none of the other kids knew what we were talking about but now that I visit a graveyard once a month in honor of my son I understand why my mom changed the name. There are no such things as ghosts and she didn't want us to think there were and grave yards are not places to play around and joke about. Death is real. It's part of life and everyone has to deal with death at some point and it's definitely not a game, my mom realized that and I'm glad. Thanks mom!

Sorry that wasn't part of the question but I felt like I needed to explain. Now, back to the rest of the answer. I liked it because we had a lot of kids in our neighborhood that would play and the more kids the more fun it was. I remember playing it most nights during the summer, it was best as it started getting dark out. Yes, I would love to play with Jericho some day but as my mom did I will have her call it Kids in the Yard. I think she will understand why a little sooner than I did because of her big brother.

I can't say that I remember a cooking disaster with Seth (he's on his way home so I'll ask him) but Tori (my younger sister) and I made cookies once and.......hold on before I finish that story I have to tell you that I grew up with 2 sisters and we would bake all the time. Cookies were our favorite, but we (all 3 of us) were notorious for burning (and I mean burning, as in you can't eat them) at least one batch of cookies every this one time Tori and I were making regular chocolate chip cookies and we burnt the last batch. We burnt them so bad it looked like they were chocolate chocolate chip cookies. Sooo being the nice (clever) little sisters that we are we decided to hide the not burnt cookies and put the burnt cookies in the cookie jar knowing that someone would fall for our little trick. Thea (our big sister) got home first and saw that we had been baking and went in for the kill. She said she thought we were making regular chocolate chip cookies. I'm sorry to say but Tori and I lied, I know you can't believe it but we did, we told her they were chocolate chocolate chip and she got herself a big ol' glass of milk and a handful of cookies. I'm sure she was wondering why Tori and I kept following her around like little puppy dogs and when she took her first bite she found out why as spit the burnt cookies out of her mouth and watched us giggle and run away. Oh good memories! I giggled the whole time I typed that just so you know. I love my sisters!

I don't like taking medicines but the worst tasting medicine that I can remember had to be the stuff I had to take for strep throat, which I got a lot as a kid, it's that thick pink stuff.

I got a few more questions to answer and then I'm done and it's back to normal, random, everyday, crazy posts.


KT said...

That pic is so hilarious. Man, I guess I didn't realize how burned you got that time!
We used to play kids in the yard too...although, now I wish we called it that! We would play hours and hours at night in the summer time!
It was fun reading your brought back memories for me!

Susie said...

Oh my goodness! The story and picture are hysterical. It looks like it hurt like a beast though! I was just sitting here with Oceana looking at the picture and she pipes up, "Pookoo!" Puku is the Maori (NZ natives) word for tummy. Too funny. For a while she thought tummies were called babies because we always told her Joshua was in my tummy - Baby, etc... anyways! thanks for the cute story!