Friday, January 18, 2008

My Snuggle Bug Stayed For Another Day!

My snuggle bug returned for another day - Yippy! It wasn't nap time yet (but close) so Jericho and I got on the floor to play. Jericho has rolling from her tummy to her back down. She so badly wants to roll from her back to her tummy but can't quite figure it. She gets a little frustrated but tries and with a little help she gets it. We were working on this before her nap when she started fussing so I figured why wait another 15 minutes it can be nap time now. So, I picked her up and squeezed her close for a few second (and I mean seconds, as in less than a minute) I noticed she wasn't moving, again not normal especially when she's tired, so I go find a mirror and sure enough she is sound asleep on my shoulder. Oh how I love my little snuggle bug!

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Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I am so glad you still have your snugglebug! Eve wasn't a snuggly baby or toddler, but now she is all about the hugs and snuggles. I relish the time she spends on my lap.