Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Q & A: Answers For Sarah

Ok I didn't have a ton of you ask questions (previous post) but I did get a few, most of them pretty random which keeps it fun. Here are the answers for the questions that Sarah asked me.

If Seth and I could go to any restaurant which one would it be and what would I order? Well, if Seth got to pick we'd go to Red Lobster and we usually order a big platter and split it. Although once we each ordered a platter and we had to roll each other out of the restaurant because we were so stuffed afterwards. Seth ended up backing into a dumpster (he claims he never saw it and someone must have moved it as he was backing up) It was really because he was so full he wasn't thinking or seeing straight.

If I could go anywhere I'd fly to Rockford, IL (where I grew up) and go to Beef a Roo and get a large fry (their seasoned salt is the best) and a cheddar and roast beef sandwich. Then I'd fly to Springfield, MO (where I went to college) and go to Andy's Frozen Custard for dessert and get a Pretzel Caramel Crunch here's the description: Andy’s™ very own original treat is making a special appearance for the fall. The blend of crème caramel and broken pretzel pieces with vanilla Andy’s frozen custard® is a sinful delicacy that conquers the blissful existence between salty and sweet. You too will be broken up if you miss this favorite treat. My mouth is watering, anyone want to take a trip to Springfield, MO?

If we didn't have to option to fly I'd go to Applebee's (I know we're very original) and I'd get a steak. It's the only restaurant that I've been to and ordered a steak and not been disappointed.

Sarah also asked if you were able to donate 100,000 to a charity of choice which would it be and why? I would donate the money to the March of Dimes, the charity trying to save babies from premature birth. It think the why is obvious. I've had a premature baby and he didn't make it. Premature babies are so tiny and helpless and anything we can do to give them the best chance possible at make it through the NICU (and through life) I'm all for.

I could split the money I'd also give some to Kids Across America, it's also called KAA, (U-Know) it's a summer christian athletic camp for inner city kids in Golden, MO (you've probably never heard of it because it's in the middle of now where.) Seth and I both worked there for a few summers and they have an amazing thing going. They bus inner city kids in from all different states. The kids are there for 8 days and everything the camp does is God-centered. Many kids come in swinging (wanting to literally hit you), swearing, and hating life and leave crying (because they don't want to leave), hugging, and loving God. It's amazing! I've seen the hard labor that the Directors, counselors, and everyone involved put in before, during, and after the kids are there. It's a non-profit organization and I know that every penny invested into the camp will be well worth it.

also wanted to know what my favorite holiday meal was. Honestly, I don't know that I have a favorite holiday meal. I like food, so I do enjoy holiday meals, but I never think, "I can't wait for _____ holiday because so and so always makes ______ and it's my favorite!" Sarah, sorry for the lame answer.

Other answers are still to come so stay tuned!

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