Friday, February 22, 2008

I interrupt this break to.....

....wish this little girl a myspace graphic comments
Myspace Happy Birthday Comments & Graphics

The problem is that this little girl is not so little anymore.
(Wulf you weren't supposed to let her grow up!)

I can honeslty say that Kelsey was my first "baby" no I did not give birth to her but I think of her as mine just the same (don't worry her mom is okay with this - thanks Wulf!) There are so many stories and memories that I could share about this little girl and half of them she might not even remember because she was so little (but that is for another time). I just want you all to know that -
Kelsey means the world to me.
I started watching her when she looked like this (wasn't she a cute baby!)
and when I left for college 4 years later (the last time I lived close to her) she looked like this

Three years later she was the flower girl in my wedding

And now (anohter 3 year later) she holds my baby as I hold her. Where has the time gone?


I hope you have a wonderful day and that the Lord blesses your next year. I miss you so much! I can't believe that you are old enough to start baby sititng and that I have a baby you could babysit. I'm so proud of the young lady that you are becoming! But remember that no matter how old you get you'll always be my K BABY! I love you!

Let the break continue - but not for much longer!

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The Murray Crew said...

Such a Sweet Sweet Post for you and your daughter to cherish...I still read your email every once in a while when I need a pick-me-up...did you ever receive my reply?