Saturday, March 1, 2008

Random thing from February

I'm back and I've missed you. It feels like I've been out of the blog world for so long that I don't know where to start. If you are still out there thanks for sticking with me through the break, it was good and much needed. I feel like I got a lot of things figured out and put into motion but there are still a few things on my list that I didn't get to and so, my work continues.

During the break my older sister, Thea (picture above) & my Dad came to visit. Their main reason for coming was to bring as much of Tori's (my little sister who got a job and is moving here) stuff up as they could. It was a short visit but it was nice to see them. It's been awhile since I've seen Thea and it was good to catch up with her. Jericho and I are heading to Colorado for Easter and we'll get to see everyone then (My grandma, aunt, uncles, & cousins all live there and my family will be there to visit too) I can't wait!

Here are 4 random pictures from February. Can you guess what they are or what they represent? Anyone? Yes, the last two do go together. Do you want to know?

Picture 1

Picture 2
Picture 3Picture 4
Okay, okay, stop twisting my arm I'll tell you.

1. This is what my phone saw most of February. I have been having problems getting and receiving both phone calls, voice mail, text messages, you name it. If it has to do with my phone it probably wasn't working. Every once in a while I would get through with someone -praise the Lord - only to have the call dropped - soooo annoying! If I held my arm out our front door and tilted it just right I could send a text. Honestly I'm lucky! With as cold as it has been I could be without an arm right now. I'm quite fond of my life and if I would have tried to go outside to make a call I'm sure I would freeze to death, but it was worth risking an arm to let my husband know that I was alive. Thank goodness both arms are still attached. Oh and yesterday I ended up getting new phone (let me hear it for free upgrades!) it's to bad that I'm going to have to go exchange it because it's acting funny too (totally different problems than before.)

2. Whole chickens were on sale so I got 3 and a friend of mine showed me how to umm how do you said butcher or cut up nicely? Got me! but that's what we did. It wasn't pretty but for $0.79 a pound it was worth it. This weekend we are going to be doing it with live chickens. Yes, I'm a little nervous but I'm also very interested. (you bet there will be a blog about that consider this your warning - it won't be for the squeamish) Thanks again Jen! The brown things at the bottom of the picture are the chicken livers. I asked Jen if I could have hers to because I've heard they are good to eat

for dogs! Not us! Gamba sure did enjoy them!

3. This is the plant that I'm pretty sure I forgot to water ALL of February. I woke up this morning and he wasn't happy with me. We got him for Gideon's "Celebration Service" (nice was of saying funeral but we did celebrate his life so it's appropriate) I've struggled with this plant since we got him. It's one of those kind (sorry don't know what they are called I'm horrible with that kind of stuff) that are really really hard to kill. I'm glad they are really hard to kill because it's been 2 years since Gideon's been gone but we still have something alive from that time in our life. I also hate that they are hard to kill because part of me would be glad if the plant died because Gideon died so why should his stupid plant live (can you tell grieving is a life long process? that I'm not done with yet.)

4. But alas I come to grips with the fact that deep down I really do want Gideon's plant to live so I give him a big glass of water and wait a few hours and now he is much happier with me and looking much better don't ya think?

So here are the most random things that happened over February. More baby talk and serious things will come. But that's all for now. Happy March!


bethany said...

Welcome back!! :)

Susie said...

Hiya! So glad you're back! I was sitting on my blog looking through my list - trying to decide who to visit next - when it dawned on me "OH OH OH Yesterday was the 1st, maybe she's back!" :) Jericho's grown so much! What a clever girl! Joshua's still roaring away and just starting to gain some weight finally. The stinker wants to stay skinny, but I'll have none of that!