Friday, February 1, 2008

Things that make me HAPPY....

....when blogger works!

....watching my puppy pounce down the hallway.

....watching my baby girl fall asleep

....knowing Jericho is in good hands with Aunt Tori while I have...

....a date night (at Lazer Quest, last night) with my husband!

....having iceman, I mean Seth, say, "You know you married a good woman when she comes in right behind you at lazer tag." It made me giggle!

....coming in 2nd in our game, 3rd for Today's Top Scorers, at lazer tag behind my iceman, I mean husband!


Julie said...

I happened across your blog - your little girl is SO cute! My 2 year old said "sweet baby" when we watched the video of her falling asleep. And what cool names you picked for your children!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Loved watching Jericho fall asleep. I watch Eliza fall asleep as much as I can - it makes my heart melt.

Yay! for lazer tag! I love it but I scream WAY too loud. :)