Friday, March 14, 2008

Books for Babies

I love reading. I love going to the library. I long for my children to have a love for books, a love for gaining knowledge. I can't wait till Jericho is old enough to be able to enjoy story time at the library. Even though she doesn't understand the stories yet it's never to early to start reading. Her daddy and Aunt Tori agree.

This warmed my heart to hear and see my sister reading to my daughter. Tori's least favorite subject in school was English although she hasn't hated reading she hasn't always enjoyed it. She really doesn't like reading out loud so when when I saw Tori reading to Jericho it brought tears to my eyes - to know that my sister loves my daughter enough to read out loud to her. You may think I'm crazy and think it's no big deal to read to a baby but you don't understand what a struggle school, reading and studying have been for Tori. It is a big deal. I'm so proud of how hard she has worked to graduate and how hard she been studying for her state test. Seeing my sister read to my daughter shows me how much she loves her which makes me love her (Tori) that much more!

Jericho is starting to get the hang of it herself. She already loves flipping through her board books. Oh and she rarely tires to eat them that's aways a plus!

I'm always looking to add to our (slim but slowly growing) book collection. Do you have any suggestions? What are your favorite children's books? What books do your kids like to read over and over again?

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Dallise said...

We love this girl. She is so cute "reading" her book.

Give her kisses from Papa and Moni.