Friday, March 14, 2008

Chickens & Boars

Please note: the pictures and events describe in this blog were to provide food for my family we do not hate animals and this is not something we do on a regular basis but when someone offers you 12 chickens and 40 pounds of meat for free it's hard to pass up even if it means getting our hands a little dirty.

Well my grocery list got writing early this morning (as in 5 am - a little to early if you ask me! but at least it got done) and the grocery shopping is done and so I can now blog without guilt. For those of you that don't want to see the pictures this is your warning. If you are a vegetarian or a chicken or boar lover you are probably not going to enjoy this blog. (Grandma Rayanne please don't read any further - sorry)

Now with no further ado I give you the chickens & the boars as promised!


Yes, the chickens were alive when we got them.

He doesn't know what he's getting himself into.

One of them got loose......
(that's why the best picture is not the best - chickens are pretty fast little buggers)
..... but not for long.

We skinned, cleaned and packaged em and the guys killed and gutted em.
(I think we got the better deal but none were pretty)

New experiences are not always pleasant.

This chic wanted to keep her dancin shoes on - to bad they weren't runnin shoes.
(Dallise I took this picture for you)

Cutting the fat off and getting them ready to be wrapped.

Wrapping the boar keeps it from getting this yucky film on it. They are supposed to hang for a few days before you cut the meat.

30-40 pounds of meat from a 100 pound boar.

We were going to get the meat off on Monday but they were frozen, Tuesday everyone was busy, so we had to wait till Wednesday to bad us ladies had volleyball so they guys were on their own. (that's why there are no pictures)

Don't worry I still got the privilege of cutting all the pieces up - something I will gladly do again for that much free meat!
Thank you to all those that blessed us with the meat and those that "showed us the ropes"


Sarah said...

Looks like quite the experience!

Michelle said...

Wow! Looks like a very unique experience. Not sure I could handle it but I give you guys a lot of credit for learning "the ropes." ANd I'm sure you will enjoy a savings in your grocery bill!!!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Looks like a GREAT time! Ha ha! Whenever my mom and dad had "chicken day" I would be the babysitter for all the kids - I was not interested at all in the killing etc. Nope! No way! But I wasn't the one paying for food. Now, I would definitely get my hands dirty for that amount of free meat. It's all in the perspective :)