Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Milk - It Does a Baby Body Good!

It amazes how God made our bodies, especially when it comes to pregnancy and bre*stfeeding. It's crazy to me that a baby in it's mommy's tummy, for the first 24 weeks, cannot survive outside the womb but thrives inside the womb.

Did you know that when a baby is born early, say at 26 weeks as Gideon was, the bre*st milk that the mom produces is for a 26 week old baby. It has a higher content of the components found in bre*st milk to help the preemie baby gain weight and helps them be able to fight infections. (preemies are very susceptible to infections)

As I was nursing Jericho tonight I was thinking about how God designed our bodies to work to benefit our children. While in the middle of my thought Jericho finished with the first side and proceeded to tell me (by fussing at me) that there was no more milk in that side and she was ready for the next side.When Jericho is finished on the 2nd side she is as happy as can be. It always happens this way. The milk my body produces will sustain her for another 4+ hours. How does my body (God) know just the right amount of milk my daughter will need to be satisfied? I'm still not sure, what I do know is that God never ceases to amaze me.


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

It amazes me too! I look at Eliza sometimes and I think - Wow! my body sustains her AND she is thriving! God is awesome!


Michelle said...

Beautiful photo! I so enjoyed nursing as well and I'm looking forward to it once again. It truly is amazing how we are equipped to care and give life to our babies. And we are the only ones who can do it. Isn't is great to be a mommy?

Susie said...

I am amazed at the body - more so now than ever before. I think what amazes me most is that Joshua's body works without his brain operating properly! How amazing is God that He designed the body to continue working, even when conditions and components aren't right! So glad to see your little girl's getting the best from you!!!

Tarrah said...

God is truely Amazing. He really has thought of every single detail :) Love the milk mustach :)

Thelma said...

What a beautiful precious picture. And I always loved it when my babies went into that "milk coma"......LOL. My last baby is 20 months old now......sigh. But I only was able to bf for 3 weeks due to medical issues with myself and her....but oh how I miss it. We are done having babies but sometimes I miss those early morning nursing sessions, when the sun is just beginning to streak the sky with its brillance and the still quietness of that early dawn as baby nestled against you sighs in perfect contentment as she feeds and you look down upon that tiny face and think........this is perfection. For God truly created wonder when He created mommies and babies for while your nourish your baby...your baby nourishes your soul. I truly believe that and I miss it.