Saturday, April 5, 2008

Finally Writting

I feel like I haven't really written in a while. Yeah I've posted but if you look back over the last few things I've posted they've mostly been pictures or other peoples words or if they are my words they were very short. I've even had time to blog I've just decided to spend that time doing other things like playing with a sweet adorable 7 month old baby girl or going on a long walk with my husband or hanging out with my sister as we cook and bake. Well, that's not completely true, I have written blogs, a lot of them, they have just all been in my head. And then there was that one that I actually sat down and typed but decided to wait on posting (I'll explain why later)

I guess I haven't been sure how to tell you about things, big and little, going on in my life right now. Some of the things don't have to do with me directly yet they very much do such as our church and how it is going through some big transitions this year because our Senior Pastor, Pastor Mike Cavanaugh, is no longer going to be the Senior Pastor starting in 2009, instead the now Youth Pastor, Pastor Josh Finley, is going to be the new Senior Pastor. There are also some other pastors & staff members that are pursuing other opportunities so there is change all around at our church. EGC (Elim Gospel Church) is also trying to finish the new youth wing and in September they will be celebrating their 20th anniversary. We (the church) are in a season of change and it's good but it isn't always easy getting from one season to another. As you think of EGC, it's staff and congregation please be praying for us during this season of change. I am so excited to see the Lord at work and can't wait to find out what the He has for us as a church body.

Another big things that doesn't directly involve me but my sister is that she is starting her new job on Monday. Tori has passed her state exam and is now licenced to sell insurance. I'm so excited for her and proud of her, but I'm also nervous for her. Ya know how you get butterflies in your stomach on your 1st day of school, no matter what grade you entering, you are both nervous and excited? That's what how I feel (for her) and it's not even me starting a new job.

There are also some little things that don't involve me but and adorable baby girl. Jericho now has 4 teeth, well almost one is still hasn't cut completely through, 2 top and 2 bottom. I'll have get a picture of her cheeky 4 tooth smile it's sooo cute! Today she also got a taste of some cereal for the 1st time. She was more interested in eating her bib than the cereal and after she at a whole 6 bits or so she managed to spit it up about 20 minutes later, she never spits up. But I did get some cute video that I'll have to post. So, I'm trying to decided if I should try it again tomorrow or give her a few days before we go at it again. What do you think? Any advice. How do you know if they are ready? How much do you give em? When do you stop or wait? All questions this mama. All questions I'm sure I'll figure out.

See there are things I want to tell (and finally did) and there is still more that I'll want to share like how I actually heard Darrell Scott (previous post) speak at my church a few years back and I soaked up every word he said. I don't know why I didn't say anything about it in my last post, I remembered about it I just didn't mention it. There are still other things but they will have to wait for another time because my bed is calling me. Sweet dreams.


Sarah Snyder said...

Hey Tarah, We had a prayer meeting last night at church praying for the new pastor that God has for us here at VCA. (Our Senior pastor is transitioning in the summer and we are going to miss him and his family so much!) Anyway, it was encouraging just praying that God would still be our ultimate focus through this process and that in that our eyes would be on Him and that God would give the new pastor everything he needed to lead this church. Exciting and trusting times! :)

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I've missed you!

If Jericho spit it up and it isn't normal for her to do that - I'd wait a bit. She seems to be doing awesome just with nursing. Her tummy may not be ready yet. That is only my opinion, you are her mother, you know her best!!


Innocence Underrated said...

hi, I was wondering through several bloggers and happened across yours (I know several people from Elim also)...and being a first time mommy too, (my son's almost 10 months) I can relate to a lot of your blogs! I just had to say that: my son HATED cereal, wanted nothing to do with it, wouldn't swallow it, even after 4 days of trying. So, we actually started with some simple foods: applesauce, pears, sweet potatoes. He took that the first time and never looked back. Dr.s say you don't HAVE to start with cereal, it's just "typical". Thought I'd pass that along... And when my son's top teeth came in, he was up a lot, every night for 2 weeks, it was NOT fun! I hope Jericho gets back to herself very soon! Good luck!