Monday, April 7, 2008

A Jericho Day

Today Seth and I had a Jericho day. A day where all we did (well almost) was play with our sweet, delightful daughter Jericho!

This morning I asked Seth (Monday's are his days off) to keep an eye on Jericho while I jumped in the shower. As I was on my way to the bathroom I heard the most wonderful sound in the world - listen for yourself

I love hearing that baby girl laugh. It's music to my ears!

Jericho wasn't a huge fan of the baby cereal when she tried it for the first time the other day but we decided to give it another today unfortunately the out come was the same - she was not interested. Notice the bib, Got Milk? I think that is what she was thinking - Where's the milk mom? I want the milk!

We spent most of the day at the park and Jericho's favorite thing was the baby swings. (again I adore her little laugh)

Trying the big swings with mommy!

She wasn't to impressed with the slide but daddy seemed to like it!

Seth was supposed to be getting in the whale and then I was going to hand him Jericho so we could see if she liked it or not. As you can see from the video this did not happen but we got a good laugh out of the whole ordeal.

Tunnel baby

First feel of grass.

We took Gamba to the park with us, he had fun but it obviously pooped him out. He hardly made it in the door before he collapsed on the shoes. Doesn't look very comfortable to me but he sure didn't seem to mind.

Showing off her new teeth (or almost teeth, she's still working on one of them)


Heath said...

"Fat guy in a little whale"

Anonymous said...


I can not wait to hear that laugh in person!!! She is such a joy! I want one so bad. I am ready. I need your help and prayers. Thanks for the call last night I needed to hear that and then seeing your beautiful daughter laugh at you and Seth, I am ready.

I Love You and Miss You Lots and Lots,


Philip said...

Can't wait to see this laugh in person. See you in a couple weeks.