Friday, April 18, 2008

What a Week

I haven't had much time to blog this week because on


-Seth went to the dentist and could feel everything there were doing

-he also had to have an emergency procedure done on his gums because they wouldn't stop bleeding

-meanwhile I was at home with no car, a baby and a dog.........that decided to run away.

-but we found the dog and Seth survived his dentist appointment

-It was only about noon by this point and we were thinking the day couldn't get any worse right?


-Seth went to go cut some wood at a friends house (we are hoping to put a wood burning stove in before next winter)

-15 minutes into cutting a piece flew up and hit him in the eyes (and got stuck but we didn't know that till later)

-I would have picked him up but I was at home with no car, a baby and a naughty dog......that was tied up!

-Seth drove himself home, called the doctor and had to wait 2+ hours till his appointment at 4:15 while his eye was hurting and getting worse

-We were supposed to be at a friends for dinner around 5 so Seth to head to church by 6:30

-Seth drove himself to the doctor (I'm still not sure why I didn't drive him, sorry babe!)

-He calls to tell me that people in the dr's office have been waiting for over a hour and a half to see the doctor and that he's going to need me to pick him up because he can't drive (it was to dangerous)

-I call a friends to see if she can drop me off at the dr's so that I can drive Seth home

-Seth finally gets in to see the doctor

-He calls and tells me that the verdict is: there was a wood chip stuck in his eye but it didn't look like it scratched his eye, PTL!

-He also tells me that it feels much better, he can see fine so he won't need me to drive him home. (my friend was at my house getting ready to take me to him as he tells me this, sorry Jen!)

-I was married to a man that had one green eye and one brown eye for a day (because of the dye they put in his eye, I would have taken a picture but I didn't have my camera, it was crazy looking)

-Luckily we were able to finish the night at our friends house enjoying a nice dinner and a game!

I think it's safe to say that Seth had a horrible no good very bad day on Monday.

on Tuesday:

-I grocery shopped all day. Wondering how you can grocery shop all day? Go into Sam's Club and then BJ's (I love wholesale stores! I'm a stock up kind of girl) to price compare and then finish the rest of your grocery shopping, I promise it will take you all day.
(If anyone is interested in a BJ's membership for 1/2 price please email me at growingoodson[at]gmail[dot]com)

-There were 2 more boars that got acquainted with our garage and then our freezer

-followed by 14 more chickens later that night! I almost got out of actually skin them this time - ALMOST - but not quite. It was much warmer this time though.

On Wednesday:

-I had a needy baby on my hands because she's getting more teeth. I say needy instead of fussy because as long as mommy was close and paying attention (which means not doing anything else) or holding her she was happy. So all the attention was on Jericho all day! I think I need those days as much as she does.

-I'm still trying to figure out how I managed to make 6 loaves a bread with my needy, teething, little love bug......thank God for naps!

-We usually have volleyball Wednesday night but we didn't this week.

-So when a friend called and invited us for dinner last minute we decided to take them up on it. I'm so glad we did! The food was great, the fellowship was what we needed and the game was fun too even though the girls lost. Thanks KT!

On Thursday:

-I had lots to do

-but I didn't do

-instead I took Jericho outside

-we sat and played on the blanket

-we walked around the yard

-we played with the puppy (who is still getting tied up when we go back inside)

-because it was beautiful!

On Friday:

-I did laundry (so I can pack tomorrow)

-and cleaned (a little)

-but mostly we played outside again! Whoohoo for 80+ degree weather!!!

I'm finding that I have such a hard time being inside when it is so nice outside. How am I supposed to get anything done when it's this nice out? Can you tell me? Especially when I have an adorable baby girl begging to be outside in the fresh air and beautiful sunshine. I wouldn't want to depriving her of that luxury. Would you?


Anna said...

Love the honesty! Glad to know that Seth's eye is ok...that's a scary thing!

Reese said...

I can totally relate. We had two kids Dr. appts. (one sick, one well,) a dog that has been chewing through the fence so she got out and the police picked her up, Grocery shopping with a sick child, and several beautiful weather days. So let's just say, I've been there. I hope that Seth's eye and Jericho's teeth feel better soon.