Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Things from the week

I feel as if I have been delinquent in my blogging lately. It hasn't been that long since I've posted but I've written many in my head only I've been unable to get to a computer to write to you because I've had a baby with a cold and all she wants, in her own words, is "mamamama" did you catch that. She leans into me and says mama over and over again. It's pitiful but so stinking cute! The only time she says mama is when she's not happy, I'm going to have to figure out how to change that. Although I did get her to say hi mama to me the other day. Needless to say, I've been hearing mama a lot the last 4 days. Yesterday we were both starting to feel a little better, I'm getting over mastitis for the 3rd time now (I know how to treat it but does anyone know how to prevent it?) but today it seems like Jericho is worse than yesterday. I wonder if the weather has anything to do with it because I don't feel as good today either. It's cold and gray, one of those day that all you want to do is sleep, especially when your not feeling well.

I desperately need to go grocery shopping. I wish I had the motivation to do the research to prepare for it ya know picking meals, checking where the sales are, finding coupons that sort of thing. There is no motivation to be found in this tired body of mine today. I was hoping to go tonight but those chances are looking pretty slim right now. Maybe tomorrow I'll get to it. We have to go out b/c of appointments anyway but I'm wondering if shopping on top of appointments are going to be to much for Jericho (and me!) Maybe if I can scrounge around and find enough food for dinner for the next few night we can make it till Friday or maybe even Saturday but that would be really pushing it.

The dog ran away again the other day. It's starting to get pretty old. It was my fault. Seth wanted to hook him up. I always feel bad hooking him up and talked Seth into letting him run while we were out in the yard working (his fence was broken....again) He stays in our yard when we are out but when I took Jericho in to get her ready for bed he ran. Seth was mowing so he couldn't keep an eye on him. It wasn't long before Seth came in and asked if I had let Gamba in. No, I hadn't and so the search for the runaway dog continued. We found him. I'm telling you that dog had a guardian angel watching over him. Our street is busy but he always manages to get home safe. The vet suggest we get him neutered, they say he won't wonder as much, I think we need to look into, like I said this is getting old.

I finally got a shower today. Yippy! Seriously though it's almost 4pm. That's life when your little one is sick and not napping very well. Oh and I got hair cut. Just a trim with some layers. I know very original. I never know what to do. Which is probably why I haven't gotten it cut in 9 months. Seriously! I don't know why I wait so long it's so nice to have freshly cut hair, especially when it's done by a good friend and she stays and hangs out afterwards. I'm definitely going to have to make it a priority to get it cut every few weeks. It really is the little things that make you feel more like a women rather than a mommy or a cook or house keeper. Not that any of those things are bad, especially that mommy part, but I think you know what I mean.

The baby just woke up. I need to go get her. I'm hoping she will be a little happier these last 2 hours before bed time. Having daddy home always helps and if she gets to see Aunt Tori before bed it's always and added bonus.


Anonymous said...

I hate to break it to you, but even fter we had our beagle fixed, he still ran and ran:) He to always came back...even after my dad ran him over with his truck! Talk about guardian angle dogs!

Hope you guys are feeling better!

Tell Tori and Seth HI from us!! Miss ya

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I am always so sad when the baby gets sick. The older ones I can talk to, and they can talk to me, so there is some understanding about what's going on. But the baby can't communicate, and it is just so sad to see her miserable.

I love that Jericho is saying mama now! It's the sweetest sound - to hear your baby say your name.

I've done the scrounge to stave off grocery shopping because there isn't a good time to go - thing too. Meals can get VERY creative :)

I hope that today is a great day for you guys!


Anonymous said...

I would just have to say that though it has been tough Tarah you have demonstrated the Character of a woman of God through it all. I love you