Friday, June 13, 2008

Go Away!

Normally I like visitors, but you I do not.

Please do not come to visit me any more.

I don't not like when you come.

You are not welcome!

It is not fun for anyone.

Not for the baby,

not for the husband,

and especially not for me.

I cannot think straight when you are around.

Chilled in your presence is putting it lightly.

My whole body aches at the thought of you.

The headache you cause me is unbearable.

The fever you bring is not much better,

and the pain you cause, ohhh the pain, it is agonizing.

It should not hurt when I try to nourish my child but with you, it does.

I am not playing this game with you anymore!

I will be mean if I have too.

It seems like that is my only choice.

I've tried asking nicely and you just don't get it.

The first time I didn't know any better.

Even the second time I could handle.

The third time around I thought we were done, ya know the whole 3rd times the charm thing.

But this, the fourth time, this is ridiculous!


You are IMMENSELY UNWELCOME in this house!

and that is all I have to say to you.


Anna said...

Tarah - my dr. told me to avoid this to nurse in different postions, so a couple times a week I try to nurse laying down, so that all of the milk is gone from the entire area - basically she will only get milk from/drain completely the glands where her nose is pointing...and the others retain some that could cause this if you switch positions they all get drained...i don't know if this advice will help much, but I haven't had it since I've been following this...hope you feel better soon!

Michelle said...

Oh Tarah! I am so sorry to hear you are dealing with this so many times! You are a champ for not giving up nursing!!!! Hope you are starting to feel better!

The Liebers said...

I got mastitis a few times with my first daughter. It is AWFUL! When I had it people probably thought I was a loony, but I tried to spend as much time massaging my bre*sts as possible. Especially while nursing. I hope you can get it under control soon!