Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's Life Changing

My life will never be the same. Days of setting my sweet baby girl on the floor and her staying are no more. Gone are the times when I could run down stairs and throw a load of laundry in while Jericho sits on the rug upstairs, no more will I be able to go to the bathroom without wondering what she is getting into, leaving a room without her is like playing with fire - a very dangerous thing indeed. Yes, I'm pretty sure I've kissed my simple life goodbye because....

Jericho is crawling.

Oh how crawling changes things. My house is not baby proof for a crawler.....yet. I thought I was ready for her to be mobile - I'm finding that I'm not. To bad, it doesn't matter, ready or not here she comes. At least she is giving me some warning.

In our house there is one big area rug, besides that the floors are hardwood or tile. They are bare. Jericho loves that they are bare. With every crawling movement she makes on the bare floors she must pat her hand down as hard as she can, she must make as much noise as she can, she must. This lets mommy know where Jericho is and where she is going, which is a must, so mommy welcomes and enjoys this little game she plays.

With each new stage that Jericho grows into her personality comes out that much more. I'm quickly realizing that Jericho is a "I'll do it in my own timing" kind of girl. Have you ever read the book Ruby in Her Own Time it's a cute book, there are 2 or 3 more in the little series, I need to get it for Jericho because that is how she rolls - in her own time. There are things that I know she can do she is just choosing not to. I'm am learning how to parent a child like this. It's interesting to say the least. I think the hardest part for me is the waiting. Waiting for her to decide that she is ready to do something. Instead of being frustrated I'm learning to enjoy that she is happy and content. It is, after all, biblical to be content. What is nice about her personality is that once she does something it's as if she has been doing it all along without much effort. I'm amazed at how quickly she has caught on to crawling but then again she did the same thing with rolling over, waving and anything else she's tried, she makes it look easy once she tries it.

I enjoyed the old stage we were at but I am realizing that I love the one we just entered. Jericho has always been a happy baby. Now that she can get to what she wants when she wants she's even happier. When Jericho is crawling she giggles with glee wherever she is going. I relish in the sound! She will throw things just so she can crawl to them. I think she is enjoying this new stage as much as I am.

Oh one more thing, if you are a mom of a little one that crawled at 6 months I give you props. I've greatly enjoyed those extra 3 months of putting Jericho down knowing that she wasn't going to go anywhere.

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Dallise said...

Such a big girl. She is so cute and sweet. I miss her so.