Sunday, June 8, 2008

A little surprise for someone who is Not a girlie girl

I am not what you would call a girlie girl. Do you know the type of girl I'm talking about? I know you do. I'm sure you are picturing someone in your head now. Please understand that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a girlie girl. In fact some of my closest friends are girlie girls. I'm picturing them now and it makes me giggle because I love how girlie they are. The fact is that I am just not one of these types of girls but there is nothing wrong with that either.

My roommate in college was a girlie girl. She was always trying to get me to be more girlie while I was always trying to get to not be, well not so girlie. I dared her to go classes for a whole week without wearing any make up. She asked if she could at least wear mascara (please note that this is the only type of make up I wear on a regular basis) and since I let her do that I think she survived the week. Me on the other hand, if I were dared to wear make up for a whole week of classes that would be a challenge.

Since I'm not a girlie girl flowers, cards and nice dinners are not the way to my heart. Honestly if Seth brought me home a bouquet of a dozen roses my first thought would probably be how much did he spend on these flower that are going to die in a few days. I know it's horrible but it's the truth. It's not that I don't like flowers, I think they are beautiful, I just don't see a point in spending money on them. If you're going to get me flowers pull over on the side of the road and get some pretty wild flours that don't cost anything. If you are going to spend money on me get me something I will use on a regular basis.

So, last night Seth called and said he had a surprise for me (he knows to warn me about surprises because I'm not very fond of them) As he was at the store waiting for the oil in the car to be changed he bought me something.

A garlic press and a peeler. (the black thing in the middle is to clean the garlic press - BONUS!) Oh how this man knows me. These are 2 things that I have done without for a long time now but 2 things that I will use on a regular basis. Things that will make my life, okay maybe not my life but dinner, a little easier. These are the type of things that I don't mind being surprised by.

*Thanks Babe!*

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Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I'm right there with ya. I'm like my mom - practical. Except I like getting flowers and girlie stuff too.

Does that make any sense at all? Okay, I didn't think so.

But, I did give Daniel the flowers talk - you know, if you're going to buy me flowers, make sure they have roots :)

Enjoy your garlic press and
peeler!! Way to go, Seth!