Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What a sight

I have a nakie baby crawling around my house. It's quite a sight! There isn't much cuter than a completely buck nakie baby. I wish I could post a picture but that's not going to happen. She couldn't be happier. Is there a baby out there that doesn't enjoy being in the buff? I thought she had a bad rash that was caused by an allergic reaction to a certain kind of diaper I was using. After talking to a nurse at her pediatricians office (which I highly recommend!) We realized that Jericho might have a yeast infection. Poor baby. No matter, like most things it is not phasing her to much. Actually I think she is happier because she getting to be nakie!


Reese said...

Alyssa also loves to be naked. Especially since we started potty trianing. Yesterday, I looked up from some work I was doing and saw Alyssa running after her brothers with only a t-shirt on. It was cute, but I knew we had to get her clothes back on.

We miss you guys and baby "Co co."

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Poor baby girl! Yeast infections are AWFUL! But yeah, what baby doesn't love to be naked?!

I sure hope she feels better quick!