Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cloth Diapers

Have I told you yet that I want to change to cloth diapers? I know, most of you are thinking why in the world would you want to do that. Then there may be a select few that think good for you, go for it, just don't ask me to watch you kid. I wonder how many of you are thinking that's all we did back in the day and my kids survived (I was one of those children)

Why haven't I made the switch? That's a very good question. Mainly because it's a big upfront cost and I want to know what I'm getting, so I've been researching. At first I was thinking prefolds, pins, covers, the whole 9 yards. They seemed to be the cheapest and that was one of the reasons for the switch. Then reality hit. If I was going to use cloth diapers I wanted it to be as easy as possible. I wanted to know that Jericho's diaper would get changed if her daddy was home alone with her. If we were using prefolds I'm not so sure that would happen. So, I stared looking into Fuzzi Bunz and bum genius. No pins, no diaper covers, all in one cloth diapers with snaps or velcro now that is my kind of cloth diaper! Seth even said that he could & would change cloth diapers like that! I just wonder what he'd do with a poopy one when he was done changing her : )

We have been looking into (I've been looking into and telling Seth what I find) and saving money for cloth diapers for awhile now so I was so excited when I saw that baby cheapskate is giving away 12 bum genius cloth diapers to one lucky mommy. I even joined twitter so I could get an extra entry in! I'll let ya know if I win!

So tell me have you ever used cloth diapers? If so what kind? Did it work for you? Would you ever switch to cloth after using disposables?


Susie said...

hey tarah, we used cloth for almost 6 months (3-9 months) with Oceana. We didn't do it at the beginning because cloth diapers on little butts is difficult, and people had given us tons of newborn diapers. At 9 months our friends told us they wanted to buy us diapers each week since our reason was the "$$ factor". They moved away a year later (but did it for that whole YEAR!) and now we just get them. She's older now, so we're down to one pack a week - easily. Ocanas not sensitive, so we just buy whatever's on sale. I know that's often not the case with kids though. I'm lucky in that respect that I'm not stuck buy expensive diapers.
We used prefolds, pins, and covers. Matt changed them, but rarely. (That's his normal way though, he really tries to get out of diaper duty).
That said, if we ever went back to it - I'd totally do bum genius or something - because prefolds are a LOT of work. And they get gross, sitting soaking. At this point we're on the edge of potty training, so I'm not going to make any big moves to buy more - but if we run out of disposables before shopping day it doesn't bother me or her to pull out the prefolds again.

They're not the end of the world - but I never sent her to people with cloth - because they didn't know how to get them on RIGHT. People who don't do it often get them loose and everything leaks. I think with those AIOs you just might get a babysitter to try it. :)

Good luck!

4 Little Men and Twins said...

We LOVE our bum genius diapers! I just got our smalls for the twins... they are so cute! Can't wait to use them. :)


Philip, Seth's Dad said...

Tarah, one time when Heath (Seth's oldest brother) was a baby, we had run out of disposables. Keep in mind that was 32 years ago and disposables were still very primitive and lacking quality whatsoever. I did not want to go to the store for more at that moment, so Dallise put a cloth diaper on him. Wouldn't you know, just a few minutes later he filled it with poop. Dallise was cooking dinner and could not quit to change him. She told me to take it off him, swish it in the toilet and put another on him. It was FULL! I took one look and could envision "swishing" poop all over my hand. I carefully folded the diaper over on itself and the poop and headed out to the dumpster. I wrapped a towel around Heath, set him in the kitchen floor and headed for the store for a fresh supply of disposable diapers. That, I promise you, was the ONLY cloth diaper we ever used. I thank God for disposable diapers! And remember, Seth is his Father's son!

Faith said...

Here is everything you ever wanted to know about cloth diapering. This woman spelled everything out. (You can skip the first and last posts. Make sure you read the origianl post first.)

Not sure if you have heard of or followed the cfhusband blog - this woman is Tricia's sister.


Julie said...

You dont know me..but I've lurked for quite sometime. I just wanted to let you know i have a huge stack of FuzziBunz sitting here beside the computer desk gathering dust. I've been meaning to post them on diaperswap, but it just hasnt happened. I used cloth for all 3 of my kiddos (my 1st was in sposies until 12 months). I LOVED them. I just havent had the heart to sell them until now (Im in denial that my babies arent exactly babies anymore). If you are interested we could make a deal. Just email me... .
~ Julie