Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Heaving, Humming Birds & Bucks of all kinds

I woke up at ten after six to the dog heaving at the door. I tried to open it as quick as I could and get to the front door to do the same but it wasn't quick enough. Gamba threw up right in front of the front door. Oh and he managed to get it on my shoes that were sitter there too. What a wonderful way to start your day - Not! While frantically trying to open doors and get the dog out the baby woke up screaming. She usually wakes up crying because she's hungry and ready to nurse the moment her eyes open but she usually insn't screaming, today she was screaming! I think all the commotion woke her up and scared her, she usually isn't up that early either. So instead of cleaning up the little gift that Gamba left I threw a towel over it and went to tend to my daughter.

After feeding her I checked her diaper. She almost always poops with in 1 hour of waking up and she usually isn't very wet so sometimes I wait until she does her business and then change her. This morning she was wetter than normal and has been battling a little rash so I changed her. Within minutes she pooped. Little stinker (literally) I was hoping she would wait at least a half hour before I would have to change her again. Since she has a rash and her diaper was really wet this morning and she just pooped I should be able to let her crawl around and air out for a little while before the situation gets too dangerous and I'm having to clean up another mess. So, off she goes buck nakie lovin ever minute and it was only minutes before she peed everywhere. So much for airing out. Into the tub she went again before I went to clean up the mess.

Sometimes mornings like these drain me but not today. Today I am feeling especially cheery and thankful. Thankful for my daughter, thankful for my dog, thankful for my life even if it means cleaning up others bodily fluids because those others are others that I love.

This morning wasn't all cleaning messes either. I also got to see God's hand in nature as I watched 2 little humming birds flitter to and fro gathering nectar from our gorgeous trumpet vines that grow right outside my kitchen window. Then on our walk I saw a beautiful buck bound across the street into the field were were passing. He was confident and majestic just how God's creatures should be.

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