Friday, July 18, 2008


We are going on vacation! Whoohoo! A family vacation just the 3 of us. When you don't live close to family the only vacations you take are to visit them. This isn't a bad thing. I love visiting our families but sometimes ya just need to get away from everyone and everything. That is what we are doing. We are going to Georgia. Seth's grandma owns a beautiful piece of land down in southern Georgia. She is not living there at the moment and so her house sits empty begging for visitors. Have no fear little house we are coming!

My dad called me yesterday and said he was thinking about coming up for the weekend if we weren't busy. He arrived early this morning and we've been enjoying his company ever since. It's nice having last minute company especially when it's family! It seems that since my sweet baby girl has been born this has happen a lot more often. Hmmmm I know if I didn't live close to that cute little bundle of joy I'd be finding every excuse to come see her too!

Jericho is a doll. I love watching her. Her little mind goes a hundred miles an hour. The girl never stops. Sometimes she sits and just watches people or animals. I can tell she is trying to figure them out. She'll look to me for answers. She wants me to tell her what's going on. She wants to know. Other times she hasn't a care in the world. It's just her and whatever toy she is playing with. She'll sit and sing or talk to it for hours. Then she catches me watching her and she gets the biggest grin on her face as she comes crawling towards me for a hug. I'm convince the hug is more for security reasons, from being embarrassed that she was caught in her own little world, then out of wanting some lovin from her mama. Oh how I can't get enough of her!

I feel like my life is one big blur right now. I blink and the day is over. I have no idea what I did for the day or what needs to be done tomorrow. Do you ever feel like that? How do you make the blur stop? How do you slow life down? There are so many things needing attention that I don't know where to start. Some of them are big and others are little but they all need attention just the same. I know it's just the phase we're in but it's not my favorite phase to be in.

I have a million questions on my mind right now. There is only one that can answer these questions. God. I'm not sure if the time has come for me to know these answers yet. It's hard to wait for answers but God's timing best. So, I will wait for my answers and try to do it patiently. I know it will be worth it.

It's the mist of being patient and trying to wait for me answers, the Lord is pruning me. Being pruned is not fun. It actually hurts. But again I know it's worth it. I would rather go through this yucky pruning process and produce good fruit in the end then not be pruned and produce bad fruit.

I have the best husband in the world. He is putting laundry up for me right now so I can finish this post. What a good man. I do not deserve him but I'm so glad that I have him!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I plan too!

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