Monday, July 14, 2008

Wii had a blast!

This weekend has been a whirlwind of fun. It started on Friday, as most weekends do, running up to the city to pick up Seth's gift, sadly and no so sadly he was with me (more on this later.) Then on Saturday we celebrate Tori's birthday with dinner out. Sunday was Seth birthday which started out with him speaking in the adult service, where he did an amazing job bringing the word of God! You can go here to listen to it. Then we home to relax and play with his gift and prepare his favorite meal. He is totally and completely all American with his choice of burger and fat french fries!

I had a great gift in mind for Seth (his birthday was yesterday but I didn't get to post because we've been so busy) and I was hoping it was going to be a big surprise. Seth likes surprises but I have an issue with them. Pretty much I hate them. It is foreign to me that people actually enjoy being unprepared. Planning is good. Preparation is good. Thinking things through is good. Surprises, in my opinion, are bad. But because I love my husband so much I try to surprise him, I really do. Especially when I know could be an amazingly huge surprise. But try as I might I didn't pull it off at least not this time. I needed his opinion. I needed to know the money I was spending, it was no small amount, was going to be worth it. I needed guidance because I had no clue about this gift and I really didn't want to get ripped off. So, a surprise it was not, but fun it has been.

I bought him a wii and wii've been having a blast playing. I'm so glad I told Seth about it because wii got the last one at the store and for a better price that what I almost bought online it for. See surprises are bad (okay so they really aren't but I do still have an issue with them.) Have you heard of these game systems? I'm very much against video games and spending hours playing. All thought wii (Seth and I) did stay up too late last night playing but it was fun. With this game system you actually get somewhat of a work out while you play. Now that is my kind of game system. I hope to eventually, maybe for Christmas (hint hint family!), get the wii fit to go with it. It's an extra feature that allows you to do even more physical activity.

I had my doubts but so far think the gift was money well spent. It's already provided lots of entertainment and wii've only had it for 3 days. The boxing game is the best to watch people play. Wii look so silly flailing our arms about but it's fun and provides for an excellent bicep workout! All right I done with the wii (for we) - sorry I couldn't help myself.


Sarah said...

Wii know exactly what your talking about playing games on the Wii can be addicting I got one for kyle for his bday last year. They have such fun games we got guitar hero and american idol, Wii have had so much fun with it..... I'm the bowling champ

Anonymous said...

that is so funny and it is cool to see you guys laying the game tomorrow