Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Love Bug!

You are 1 my sweet love bug and at 12:00 exactly you woke up to tell the world, or at least mama that you were excited to start the next year of you life. Why shouldn't you be this year that you are leaving behind has been wonderful. Filled to the brim and you've loved every moment of it. As you started this year off with one of your favorite things (nursing) I held you close and thought of all the things I wanted to say to you but now as I sit hear at the computer to type I am speechless. Maybe the words I have hidden in my heart for you are for you and not the whole world to read. So, later today I will sit with your journal and write just to you. For now I sit at this computer, trying to hold back my tears, trying to put into words all that I feel but I can't. So, I'm giving you pictures. The first 2 you were less than 24 hours old and the last 2 were taken within the week. Some of the first pictures of your first year, some of the last pictures of your first year,there are so many in between but these are some of my favorites because....
...this is what I remember most about the day you were born. Studying every curve of your soft smooth beautiful skin, watching every movement of your tiny slim frail body, listening to your slow rhythmic peaceful breathing, memorizing every part of you. Oh how I treasured every moment of that glorious, amazing marvelous day - the day you were born. After listening to my self cry far to often the sound of your soft sweet newborn cry was music to my ears. I had waited so long (a lot longer than 9 months) to have a baby in my arms and you were finally here. I couldn't believe it! I was so happy to finally meet you!

...this sums up your first year well - PEACEFUL! You have always been a very peaceful, very easy baby. I could probably count the number of times that you were up in the middle of the night on one hand. Out of those times want to know how many times I fed you and you didn't go right back to sleep? Once - tonight - and you were only up for half an hour after I fed you. You were just excited because it was your birthday! You got 8 teeth in 2 months and hardly batted an eyelash. You are a wonderful baby! Number of times we've been to the doctor besides well baby - once, it was just as precaution to make mommy feel better, nothing was wrong. Most people say the transition from being just a couple to being parents is hard. For us it was a cake walk. Easy as pie. The transition was as smooth as your little booty. When it comes to your first year everything has been easy. What a blessing you have been! shows your innocents and your curiosity all at once. The curves of your face that I know so well are stunning to any who gaze upon them. The wonder in your big blueberry eyes as you take in the puffy marshmallow looking clouds and vast sapphire sky for the first time are breathtaking. As I look at this picture I can tell that you at the age of 1 year old are as in awe of the Lords magnificent creation as I am. That blows my mind that you get it even in your youth but I think it is because of your youth because of your innocents. I love the innocents and I promise to protect it. have been nothing but a joy to daddy and I. This picture is proof & pretty much sum your year up. Jericho, I'm so proud of the beautiful toddler you are becoming with your amazing & contagious personality shining brighter with each new day. Before we named you we sought the Lord and asked for wisdom & guidance. Daddy and I believe that naming a child is an enormous honor that the Lord gives us as parents. It is one of the only things that will be with you for the rest of your life and even after. Your name is the most meaningful gift daddy and I will probably ever give you. It is no coincidence that your middle name is Joy. Joy is what you have brought to our family! Joy is what you are!

I love you my sweet Jericho Joy
Happy 1st Birthday!


Dallise said...

Thanks for sharing your heart. We can't wait to see you guys and Jericho's smiling face and beautiful blue eyes. I can't believe that a year has gone by so quickly.

God has been faithful.
Love ya,

Sarah Snyder said...

How precious... to know every curve and line and have such a peaceful little girl. What a blessing and miracle. :)

KT said...

Happy Birthday sweet Jericho Joy! Can't wait to celebrate with you and your family this weekend! =)

Hilary said...

Happy 1sy birthday sweet Jericho!!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Jericho!
Andrea and Elliot

Ps... It's ok to cry mommy. I think most of us do. But in the wise words of my husband, "[s]he's not moving out tomorrow." ;)

Mrs. Brunner said...

Tarah...I hope you enjoy your precious daughter's birthday! I am so happy for you and your family. You have always been such a sweet, kind person and deserve much happiness and blessings :). May this second year of Jericho's life be even better!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Jericho!! You are such a beautiful little girl!

bethany said...

Happy birthday (a day late), Jericho! I'm so glad you were born so perfectly. Tell your mama it's ok to cry, and give her a little extra love. :)

PS, I think you're beautiful!! :)

Ginger said...

That is an awesome post and tribute to Jericho. I'm sure she will cherish it years from now and see how much she was/is loved! Happy Belated Birthday!!

OH yeah, loved the emphasis you put on naming her...that is so important...I wish I had thought through that more with my children, but I was young and naive. I love their names, but not the meanings of them.