Wednesday, August 6, 2008

She is, after all, my daughter

I've been told that when I was little I loved to unroll the toilet paper. I loved it so much that my parents had to lock me in my room at night otherwise I would get up (very quietly - according to my mom) and head to the bathroom to play a little game. Ya know the one where you see how much toilet paper you can unroll before someone catches you. What you didn't play that game? Oh. I thought everyone played that game. Well it's a really fun game. Maybe your kids will play it. They'll love, you'll see. I think it's Jericho's new favorite game. Which isn't surprising since she has apparently inherited the love of toilet paper gene from me. TPing was another one of my favorite games.

Why do kids have to be so cute when they are playing these games (aka getting into mischief)? When I "caught" Jericho she stopped in her tracks smiled a big, dimpled, cheeky, adorable "I know I'm in trouble but I'm hoping my cuteness will help me out" smile and started crawling toward me. And it did because I laughed (how could I not after hearing all the stories from when I was little), got my camera, set her back by the toilet paper, where she proceeded to unroll what was let of the rolled toilet paper, while I took a few pictures, then I told her the toilet paper was a "no touch." I fear that blogging and my need to take pictures of my cute, but sometimes naughty, daughter is effecting my parenting. My mom always told me you reap what you sew.
(okay mom you can stop laughing now)

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Anonymous said...

I hope she tpees your house like you did mine...several times!