Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I was carefully writing in all our upcoming events for the next 3 months. There is a lot going on, as always, with the holidays quickly approaching. That's when I saw it, I don't know why it took me by surprise, I wrote it in myself, this isn't the first time I've looked at it, I knew it was coming, trust me I am very aware of that fact, I just wasn't expecting the emotions that flooded me tonight as that big number 3 next to Gideon’s name, so neatly written, there on the 20th of November, stared me in the face

Is it possible? Is he really going to be 3? I mean, I knew Gideon was going to be 3, but really!?! 3?!? It sounds so old! So big! So like a boy? A big boy? That would be potty trained and talking well and not jut walking or toddling but running and loving (probably even picking) on his baby sister and wanting to do everything that his daddy does and…. and…. No!?! Not my sweet tiny itty bitty baby Gideon. He shouldn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t be 3 yet! Could he?

As these thoughts race through my head while I stare at that big number 3 next to Gideon’s name, so neatly written, there on the 20th of November, I realize, YES! My Gideon would/will be 3! A big potty trained, talking, running, baby sister loving (maybe even picking on), daddy’s little help boy. I smiled and even giggled, through my tears, at the thought. Gideon - no longer a baby or even a toddler but a boy.


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Aw, Tarah. As I was reading your words I could see him playing right alongside Judah. What fun they could have together.
I don't think Gideon would be picking on Jericho... Judah never does to Eliza - he's all sugar to her, only hugs, only kisses, only love. I bet that it would be the same between your two.

Daniel and I were just talking about Judah turning three. It kind of blew me away to think about...


Dr Phil said...

Wow! I hadn't really thought of him being 3 either. Too crazy. Funny how you can miss somebody so much when we only got to know him so little.

Sarah Snyder said...

Our first child would have been 3 this coming January. Hard to believe really. I like to think that our little ones are playing up in heaven together showing God just how grown up they really are. :)

danica said...


I've been going through our blog, momandus, checking for loose ends and unanswered questions, etc, and came upon your comment from back in July. I feel really badly that somehow you fell through the cracks when it came to a reply. We've gotta get a better system than the one we have (which, I think, is "Oh, Mom should answer that one!")

I'll try and get back to you soon.