Sunday, November 16, 2008

Baby Updates

It's time for some baby updates

Jude, my newest nephew, is doing much better today. He had fluid on his lungs, an infection, he was having a hard time breathing and he wouldn't eat. Because of all these things the doctors thought it was be best to put him in the NICU just to be safe. With our NICU family history, mainly Gideon dying, this was very scary for all of us. Today as we've received a few more answers we are much more at peace and able to celebrate Jude's arrival. They still don't know what kind of infection he has (they will find out tomorrow) but he has been responding wonderfully to the antibiotics they have him on. To help Jude out with his breathing they put him on a CPAP so he would get the extra oxygen he needed. They plan on taking him off it either later tonight or tomorrow. He is now eating from a bottle (or feeding tubes at times) and Elizabeth will try to bre*stfeed him tomorrow. The little man is doing good! The doctors say he will be able to go home Thursday. They want to keep him till then so that he gets a full 7 days on the antibiotics. No matter how long (or short) a baby is in the NICU it's never easy to be without your child so please continue to pray for Khane, Elizabeth and Jude till Jude is safely home.

Mercedes passed her 7 day count down a week ago and is now keeping her body temperature up which means she will be going home soon! They think she'll be home before Thanksgiving. What a gift from God! When a baby is born premature and has to go in the NICU they tell the parents to not expect their baby to go home until the original due date. Mercedes due date was December 12, she will be going home almost 4 weeks early! This is a miracle. The doctors have never seen a baby do as well in the NICU as Mercedes is doing. Monday Mercedes will be 9 weeks old. She is now a little over 3 lb 7 oz. Here mommy and daddy have been keeping people updated here. Please go congratulate Aaron & Kathy on being able to bring Mercedes home soon!

Remember Joshua? His mommy, Susie, is pregnant again and they just found out what they are having (and that the baby and everything else on the ultrasound looks perfect PTL!) go find out and congratulate her too! (Susie if you're reading this know that we are soooo excited for you! and we also praying for ya. Love ya girl!)

Last but certainly not least my sister, Thea and hubby Adam, found out they are having a BOY! I'm so excited! Hooray for NEPHEWS!


Susie said...

I am reading! :) You're on my reader, so I always read whatever you post, the same day you do it. :)

Thank you for the congrats and the prayers. :) So exciting to be having another girl. Part of me felt ripped off, but at the same time, I think the healing time is good. No worried in my mind of "replacing" Joshua. And I just realized we have your track-record. Girl, boy, girl. :)

Hilary said...

I am so glad that Jude is doing better..yeah!! Little Mercades what a fighter :) I am so thrilled for Susie too..what a journey we all are on. God is good :)