Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jericho please take a nap....for your mama's sake

Jericho is in that "she doesn't need two naps to make it through the day but she really does if everyone is going to stay sane around dinner time" stage. Yeah you know what I'm talking about. That fun stage of figuring out how to get from two naps to one. From what I remember of babysitting and friends kids if they are down to one nap it comes after lunch. Well since Jericho likes to do things in her own way this was not going to work for her. She doesn't want to be like everyone else. She needs a nap 3 hours after she wakes up and if she gets a good 2 hours nap and we are out and about she is good to go till bed time. BUT if we are home that one nap doesn't quite cut it. So what I do is give her a long nap in the morning and sometime between 3-4 I lay her down again. Usually she won't sleep but she will quietly play for about an hour. If she does sleep it's only for 20 minutes or so, just long enough to make it till bedtime. It's great because Jericho gets the rest time she needs even if needs even if she doesn't sleep and gives her the chance to sleep if she needs it. It also gives me time to get dinner going. So far this has worked well for us.

Except for today. Today Jericho only took a 20 minute nap this morning. Imagine my shock. What was I going to do. I had already prepped the bathroom for the clean of it's life. I had the gloves on and was armed with a toothbrush. The whole nine yards. I had already started on the sink but hadn't made it to the toilet or the shower before I head it.....

Jericho going down the step

....the cry. The cry that says "might as well come and get me mama because I'm not going back to sleep" I can usually tell from the moment I hear Jericho's cry what kind it is going to be. I don't like that cries especially when I'm in the middle of cleaning! I tried to ignore it. I tried to pretend that it was a "don't worry about me mama I'll go back to sleep just give me a minute" cry instead but alas my mommy instincts kicked in and went and got my baby girl. I was wondering how Jericho would do with only a twenty minute nap and so far she's been pretty good. We did practice walking up and down our one little step though so it was worth it. We did that for oh about 45 minutes straight. But that's how she wanted to spend her play time with me so that's how we spent it. She was insistent that she had to be hold my finger in order to do it properly. It's as if Jericho thinks she has to perfect every part of walking, stairs and all, before she will really put all her effort into walking alone. When she does put a little effort forth into walking it's adorable because she does great and she is so proud of herself! I love watching her learn how to walk. I'm learning so much about her as I watch the process.

Anyways, it's a little after 2pm and I'm going to put Jericho down for her 2nd nap early in hopes that maybe this time she will sleep for 2 hours. Wish me luck. I need to get the bathroom cleaned so I can shower so I can put makeup on and do my hair. Wanna see what I'm looking like at the moment? I'm warning you it's scary.

See I told you. This is what I look like when I take my make-up off (not that I really wear much,) shower at night and go to bed with my hair wet. Kinda scary (ok ok very scary.) You really do need to pray that Jericho takes a good nap because I need a shower and time to get ready we have FPU class tonight and I don't want to frighten everyone. But if you see a green eyed, no make-up wearing, lips go weird when she smiles, crazy haired women roaming the halls for Elim Gospel Church tonight don't worry it's just me. I'm heading to class and chances are Jericho didn't take that nap that I'm hoping for.


Andrea said...

Hey! I just wanted to say that at this stage Elliot had given up his 2 naps. He was down to one nap. The thing I found helpful was holding him off on the AM nap. I tried to make it to 11am before I put him down. Then he seemed to adjust and take around a 3 hour nap at that time. Now that he's 17 months, he usually goes down around noon and sleeps til 3 or so! I hope this helps some. You can start pushing the AM nap back gradually also. Like if she goes down normally at 9am, try pushing back to 10am. Then move it back a little each day. :) Good Luck!!

Anonymous said...

Hey...that's the Trues I know and love! I will never forget those days with no naps....I could not wait for night night time...and I never could get anything done! Good luck ~Wulf