Saturday, November 8, 2008

More random thougths while I wait for my love

My hubby's not home (but he will be just late, way late) and I don't want to go to bed without him. So, I'm waiting up for him. To keep myself awake I'm blogging. I don't know if it's going to work. He may find me asleep at the computer. I can feel my eyes getting heavier by the moment.

I might be an aunt by morning. I mean again. I'm already an aunt so this babe isn't making me an aunt but he's making me an aunt again. Uhh yeah, ya know what I mean.

All the pastor's wives are getting together tomorrow for brunch. We've never all gotten together on our own. It should be fun. I'm excited.

Jericho needs a new car seat. She's never minded riding in the car until now, she doesn't like that she is still facing backwards. Sometimes when I try to put her in her car seat she stiffing up her legs so her booty won't go in the seat. She's a smart little thing and maybe even a little stubborn at times. Don't worry it doesn't fly with me. I will out stubborn that child any day.
Oh and Jericho in case you are reading this that is NOT a challenge - it's just the truth.

I'm having a hard time blogging about one topic. I've just had a lot of randoms thoughts lately - can you tell.

Once again my thoughts are along these lines when it comes to post-election.

Seth and I are taking a class called Financial Peace University (FPU for short) and it's awesome. It's hard work but it's going to really pay off. I HIGHLY recommend it! If you want to know more about it feel free to ask.

I did it. I'm still awake and Seth is not home. Now that it's 1:16 am it's bed time.

Good night or should I say good morning

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Sarah Snyder said...

Sam and I went through FPU last year and we LOVED it! I am the "nerd" of the family...but it sure is fun having a budget that actually works. :)