Thursday, December 4, 2008

Farewell & Hello

Somewhere between here and there it happened. Jericho stopped crawling. I knew it was going to happen. Thanks to this book, which reminds parents to not only savor your child's first but also their last, I've been watching Jericho wondering with every crawl if that time was the last time. One of them was. I'm pretty sure I saw it, I knew it was most likely A LAST, I just didn't realize it was THE LAST time. I'm glad I was aware it was coming because as I watched Jericho crawl less and less I realized how proud of her I am. Jericho is learning new things everyday and she is embracing each new step.

On top of crawling for the last time Jericho is in the process of cutting her last 2 baby teeth. After that she will have a mouth full of beautiful baby teeth with only her 2 year molars to come. It's true, Jericho really is no longer a baby. Which means I am no longer a mama of a baby (although I'll always think of Jericho as my baby and Grace and Gideon will always be babies too me but you know what I mean) Now I am the proud mama of a toddler. A toddler that walks, talks and is constantly making me laugh. I'm love it!

Farewell baby phase you were absolutely wonderful. Thank you for all the sleep that you gave me, I know that is not normal, I really appreciated it. I will never forget all the precious times we had together. You were such a joy to me. Goodbye!

Hello toddler hood, I'm Jericho's mama, it's nice to meet you. I think (hope) we are going to get along great. I'm a little sad after losing baby phase so I could really use a good friend. What do you say. I've heard lots of great things about you, maybe a few not so good but I think I can handle those. The one thing I always hear is that you have an awesome sense of humor. I can always use a good laugh! Come on wanna give it a whirl?! Well, ready or not here we come!

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Hilary said...

Oh goodness how sweet is baby missy one her Hello kitty blankie..I know they grow WAY too fast!! Have a great week