Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What I saw on the Farm

If you were on the farm for Thanksmas (we celebrate Thanksgiving & Christmas, therefor it's called Thanksmas) you might have seen:

A great-granddaughter walking her Nanoo

Siblings climbing a fence together

Cows hoping to go for a drive

Friends (or cousin-in-laws) chatting & swinging on the back porch

A Sweet Nanoo resting
(I'm thinking this was after the walk Jericho took her on :)

Cousins going for a wagon ride together
(I love that Gideon's feet, Seth's tattoo, are in this pic!)

Rednecks riding on top of car & in a boat that was in a car.

An adorable new nephew that got lots of loving

A boy (or 2) on a roof.
(not sure where the other one was)

A baby girl riding a cow

That same baby girl taking a bath in the sink (it's tradition, plus we had 22 people using 1 bathroom) because she rode a cow.

Chocolate Bag Dessert
(a special Christmas treat)

It's going, going

Where did it all go?

A little boy who liked the chocolate bag.
I wonder no more!

A long lasting family rivalry that we're passing on to the next generation
(don't worry it's all in good fun,
plus it helps that the Packers just got done beating the Bears
and boy did they beat them!)

Three boys being silly

Troops on a mission to find an alligator!

Look, an alligator. Mission Complete!

Last but not least you may have see one of these
Crazy, Wonderful, Beautiful people
that I am privileged to call family!

Believe it or not there were other things that I saw and did on the farm not pictured like:
Long walks with loved ones
My baby girl getting a shoulder ride from her daddy
Paint ball wars in the middle of the night
Paint ball wars in the middle of a field
Paint ball wars in the middle of the day
Paint ball wars in the middle of the woods (it was a blast!)
A puppy who's snout swelled 4x it's normal size because of a bee sting.
Boat riding while trying to find a gator
Two little girls dancing
Some Papa snuggling by all the grand babies
Moni loving by those same grand babies
cooking yummy delicious food
cooking more yummy delicious food
and cooking even more yummy delicious food!
And of course consuming that yummy delicious food!
and just plain ol' chillin

Yeah that pretty much sums up our week. Ya never know what's going to happen when you get to the farm, this time was not different. One thing you can count on is that it's going to be wild, relaxing, crazy, and TONS of FUN! It doesn't get any better that this! I'm filled to the brim with thanks giving!

The one thing I think we didn't do last week was cow tipping, which doesn't mean I haven't done it. HA!

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you had so much fun! It looks like it was a blast, and what a great way to spend the holidays!!!

That dessert looked YUMMY, what was it?

Hope to see you soon!