Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No Hesitation

Jericho running to Seth with No Hesitation!

I'm reading Too Busy NOT To Pray. I'm reading it because my church is doing a sermon series on it (go check them out, you won't regret it!) Plus, Seth just got done reading it and I saw how it changed his view on prayer. Seth had nothing but good things to say about the book as he was reading it. I'm going out on a limb, because I'm only on page 28, but so far I recommend the book. I'll let ya know if, when I get to page 198, my recommendation changes. I'm thinking that if my recommendation does change at all it will only be by one word - I highly recommend the book, but I'm not saying that, yet!

This morning I was reading and this paragraph really stuck a cord in my heart. Ironically enough I had just gotten done telling God that sometimes I didn't know to come to him. (I just needed a little reminder that I am HIS daughter!)

You and I are not abandoned; we are God's adopted children, Jesus' brothers
and sisters. We are in God's family and we matter to him. So don't tiptoe into
God's presence, trying to find the secret of attracting his attention.
Just say,
"Hello, Father," and know that he absolutely loves to hear your voice.
(emphasis mine, except on the word loves)

On Sunday mornings Seth is already at the church when Jericho and I arrive. The first thing we do every Sunday is to "find daddy!" I've gotten in the habit of spotting Seth, making sure Jericho sees him, setting Jericho down, then letting Jericho go to Seth while I step back and watching what takes place between my husband and my daughter. I love it. I am never disappointed! Since I have started implementing this observation technique there have been two things that I've taken note of every single time.

The first thing I notice is never has Jericho tip toes to Seth, Never! She boldly and confidently runs straight into her daddy's arms, without any hesitation. Jericho never slows down, there is no caution in her actions, there doesn't have to be, there shouldn't be, she knows that she is always welcome in her daddy's arms.

Which brings me to the second thing I've noticed. There is no hesitation in Jericho because of Seth's actions towards Jericho. Every time Seth sees Jericho coming towards him, his arms are wide open, there is a huge smile on his face and there is an undeniable twinkle in his eye because his daughter is coming to him! Everything about Seth says, "Come, Jericho, come to me, you're welcome here, I want you here!"

On Sunday mornings life for Seth is a little crazy. He's doing this and doing that, he's talking to this parent and that kid. Needless to say when we finally find him, he is almost always already talking to someone. My mama raised me right, I know that it is rude to interrupt, that is one of the reasons that I started waiting, but it didn't stop me from sending Jericho. Now some of you might think that it's just as rude of me to I send Jericho to Seth, but I think it's healthy. People need to see Seth's reaction to Jericho, even when he's busy, especially when he is busy. Seth is modeling to others how Christ feels about us. Every week I have at least one person that comments on how sweet Seth and Jericho's interaction with each other are those first moments of being reunited. I agree. There will come a time when I need to teach Jericho to not interrupt, but that time is not now. Now more than ever people need to be reminded that we are God's children. Just as Seth is modeling, just as Bill Hybles is telling us, just as the Bible tells us, we can go boldly and confidently into the presence of God.

So, next time you see a little boy or little girl run without hesitation into his/her daddy's arms remember that God is waiting for us to do the same. Because of who we are in Christ we do not have to hesitate!


Heath said...

Good stuff Tarah

Dr Phil said...

I love it. Can't wait to see you guys again and let you run into my arms; not just Jericho, but all of you.

Rachel said...

Great post, Tarah! I completely agree...I don't have a baby (yet! ;)) so I can't really relate...but I can imagine that I would! There is nothing sweeter than watching a daddy who truly loves his little one, and I can't wait for the day I get to see my hubby with one of ours! :)

Thanks for writing this :)


Hilary said...

So sweet!! THere's nothing better then a Daddy's hug :)

Faith said...

WOW! It's pretty amazing that the same day you posted that I was being touched by this post -

I know that I do not search for my Daddy and run to Him in that same way. Thanks for giving us a picture of how it should be done.

Anonymous said...

Cute little video of Jericho running.....we're gonna have to work on Jericho's athletic running stride just a little. She has the wounded right arm swing....she must get that from her daddy. :-)


Anonymous said...

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