Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Words

Jericho is growing up so fast. I love teaching her new things. I love it even more when I realize that she can do something that no one taught her, ya know those things that she just picks up on her own. Although, every time this happens there are a million questions that run through my mind. Where did she learn that? How long has she been able to do this? What else does she know how to do that I am unaware of?

This is just one reason (of many) why children really do need parents. Who else is going to discover all those self-taught skills? Who else is going to encourage all those skills? Who else is going to brag I mean blog about those same skills?

I'm so glad that I am Jericho's mama and get to be the one to discover and encourage her self taught skills! Here is one caught on tape. I don't know how long she's knows all this. One day she brought me the book and wanted me to read it. I told her to repeat after me, not thinking that she would or could for that matter, but she did! She brings me these books at least 10 times a day. I love how eager she is to be learning new words!

Grandparents this is for you. In just a few short days you'll get to see if first hand!


Michelle said...

That was the sweetest!!!

Dallise said...

She is so smart and getting so big. I can't wait to see her.

Love you guys.

Dr Phil said...

Tarah, this is one of my favorites. I love little kids learning and saying new words. The facial expressions are great too. Alyssa was over last night with the boys, and she is so funny saying certain words with so much expression. She would call Dallise, "Moni, I need ya!" Can't wait to see you.

Hilary said...