Thursday, March 19, 2009


Sooo it's noon, I'm driving (12 hours) to Chicago tonight (leaving at 7pm) with my sister and my daughter and I don't have a single thing packed. I was on the phone all night last night but, thankfully I got some food made so the hubby can eat while I'm away and the laundry is done, it's just to bad none of it ended up in a suitcase. Jericho had a doctors appointment this morning that I TOTALLY forgot about till my wonderful friend (Thanks again Shay!), that works at the doctors office Jericho goes to, shot me a text to remind me. Things went great at the doctor I it's was just time I thought I'd have that I didn't oh well. And now I'm at the church, waiting for Seth and blogging. I'm blogging here because our computer hasn't been working (and still isn't) for the last week. Why does this scenario sound all to familiar to me? Yeah....ummm.....I think I just learned a thing or two about myself!

Well hope you have a wonderful week. I'm going to enjoy mine snuggling a new nephew! Less than 24 hours till I get to see him. I can't wait! I'll talk to ya when I get back, that is IF our computer is fixed by then.


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a Great time!!! Enjoy it to the fullest!! :)

bethany said...

Have a wonderful time! Snuggle that little boy and give him lots of love. :)

Jordyn says hi to Jericho! ;)