Monday, July 27, 2009

Chances are..... won't see me for the next few days - we are potty training

...if there is a dish in the sink Seth will be the one to wash it

...if it rains our car won't start

...when I lay down tonight I'll have a hard time falling asleep

...if there is laundry going it's because Jericho had another accident

...if I read a book it's going to be either a potty book or a baby name book

...if Jericho hears a plane she's going to want to see it

...if Seth is outside Jericho is with him

...if you hear scratching on a door Gamba wants to eat

...if you hear ringing of a bell Gamba wants to go out

...if you hear a dinging of a timer Jericho needs to sit on the potty

...if a stranger sees me they'll ask when I'm due or what we're having or both

...if I'm awake I'm hungry

...if you liked reading this - you might play along

1 comment:

MamaBear said...

You have such a beautiful family! I enjoyed your list and the great colors on your template.

Thanks for playing along!