Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wanna take you kids to a FREE movie?

In case you haven't heard Regal Theater does a free family film festival on tuesday and wednesday mornings. To find out more go here.

This is the list of movies for the Regal Theater in Rochester.

Henrietta Stadium 18
525 Marketplace Drive
Rochester ,NY 14623

08/04/2009-08/06/2009Horton Hears A Who (G)

City Of Ember (PG)

08/11/2009-08/13/2009Rugrats: The Movie (G)

Nim's Island (PG)

08/18/2009-08/20/2009Charlotte's Web (G)

Akeelah And The Bee (PG)

08/25/2009-08/27/2009Mr. Bean's Holiday (G)

Madagascar 2: Escape To Africa (PG)

1 comment:

Reese said...

My kids went to one of these free movies while we were in Florida and we are planning to go this week here at home. Mr. Regal is such a smart man!