Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happening at our house...

....Jericho is doing great with the potty training. I've even been brave enough to take her out in public a few times and we've come home dry every time! We are also making making major progress on going poopy on the potty. She hasn't gone in her pants since mama bribed her with juice told her she could have juice if she went poopy on the potty! I'm amazed at how her potty skills - e.g. pulling her panties up and down, closing the lid on the potty, getting stickers off the paper herself, putting sticker on her potty chart, have gotten so much better in just a few short days. Dare I say baby is growing up!

....I'm ashamed to even say that I had a garden this summer because I've so neglected it. Despite that fact, things are still growing which makes me happy. My beets are delicious, the swiss chard is still hold on, my potatoes are coming, as are my tomatoes, I think my garlic is already done (I have no idea what to do next) and although my zucchini and cumbers are slow in coming it seems that they are hanging in there, along with a few other things I'm forgetting some doing well some not so much. I'm determined to finish out the summer strong. With that said I had plans to plant more spinach and peas but because I want to finish strong I'm not sure I'm going to. If I'm going to do it I have to get it done next week. I'll let ya know what I decide. baby news, well honestly there isn't much new news there. I'm feeling great and enjoying every moment of this non-bed rest pregnancy! Getting bigger every day and gaining weight at a rapid pace to prove it. My biggest issue is my back. This baby seems to be on a nerve or something. The baby's position determines which leg and side of my back gets the shooting pain. It's so weird. I've been seeing my chiropractor on a regular basis again because of it and it's been helping tremendously. I have another ultrasound coming up in a few weeks which I'm excited about. I love seeing the baby on ultrasounds. It's so amazing to get a sneak peek into all that is going on inside my womb. Every time I get to see one of my babies in my womb I'm in awe of God's creativity and how He thought of EVERYTHING before we were even born! Man do I serve an awesome God!

....Seth is gone this week. I miss him. He is going to be gone (on and off) for 3 out of the 4 weeks in August so I need to get use to this for the time being. I'm so thankful I don't have to do this on a regular basis. My heart goes out to the women that do. I don't function as well when he is gone. I think the hardest part is that my confidence is much lower when Seth is not around. The Lord is reminding me that my confidence should be in Him, even when Seth is gone. I should not be lacking in confidence because I am a child of God. He provides all my needs. He leads and guides me. He is my rock. I am working on remembering that, this week especially.

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Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

What Colleen Britt was saying the other day about God never feeling closer than when she was alone, is so true.

I have always felt God's presence so heavy on me when Daniel is gone.

Major Hoorays for Jericho and her potty training!