Monday, February 22, 2010

Sometimes ya just gotta rock the baby

Please note: Jericho and Haven are TOTALLY different sleepers! What worked for Jericho, being sprawled all over the crib, no binkie, but eventually finding her thumb, with music playing, does not work for Hav. I tried. I thought: it worked for Jericho and she was a great sleeper it should work for Haven and make her a great sleeper too. Wrong. Now don't get me wrong Haven is a great sleeper, because we have worked at it and because I figure out what worked for her. She likes to be swaddled, with a binkie and no music playing. Like I said TOTALLY opposite of Jericho!

With that said I can start my post.....

I've been blessed with babies that are good sleepers. Both girls from day one only woke up once in the middle of the night to nurse then would go right back to sleep. This really just happened. I did nothing to get them to sleep this well this early. It was a blessing and I am so thankful!!!

Both girls also, by 7 weeks, were sleeping through the night, 8+ hours. They both sleep well for naps too (well, Haven does, Jericho doesn't really nap any more but she has rest time. She actually rests quietly & stays on her bed!) But this we had work at. It didn't just happen. Thankfully it didn't take our girls long, but again it didn't just happen. We do believe in letting them cry themselves to sleep and self soothing (to some degree.) I don't know if it works for all babies but so far it has work for both the babes we've been blessed to have at home.

Why all this talk about sleep & babies well because even though I have some stick-to-it methods that have worked for us, sometimes ya just gotta rock the baby and forget all the rules.

Today was one of those days. Thus far both of my girls have gone in phases between being laid down and falling right to sleep or being laid down and fussing themselves to sleep. The later of the two is much rarer but it does happen.

I'm just now noticing that when I'm in a spiritually sensitive phase and my babes are in one of their fuss themselves to sleep stages, I have a hard time with it. Normally a baby crying/fussing themselves to sleep, when I know their are tired, doesn't phase me in the least. I'm good at tuning them out till I realize all quite and I wonder how long my sweet babe has been asleep. But this is not the case when my spirit is super sensitive. I have such a hard time letting the baby cry. It's funny because it also seems like when I'm super sensitive my baby's always tend to be fussier. I wonder is it because they can sense something too? Do they need a little more lovin and reassurance? Or is that the Lord knows that it's ME that needs the reassurance, o he makes my babe a little fussier because He knows a sweet baby snug in my arms always calms my spirit. No matter what the reason I must admit I tremendously enjoy it when sometimes ya just gotta rock the baby! Today we've been a rockin!


Jessica said...

I must say I was very jealous reading this post. I don't remember what it is like to sleep through the night. I'm lucky if Bailey only gets up once during the night(usually it is still twice) and she is 3 months old already. Well, at least it isn't every 2 hours anymore.
Jessica Peterson

KatelynWaite said...

Awesome. I was/am a stickler for a schedule! Did you read Baby Wise? It provides sanity!!! Wondering what my #2 will be like! :0)