Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy 10 Months Haven!

Watch out she's in double digits now...in months that is!

Haven you are my little ham.
You love laughter!
Whether it's from your own mouth or someone else, you love the sound of it.
For months now you've been doing things to get us to laugh,
which we of course do!

You're my lil baller!
Your favorite toy is a ball
Your new favorite game is when I roll a ball to you and you roll it back.
You concentrate really hard when we play, it's adorable!

You like baby dolls too
but honestly I think you like them because you sister loves them

Aunt Thea gave us a new toy that has a microphone and you love to sing in it!

You love to jump on the tramp

You are getting into EVERYTHING these days!

You are still nursing

And your favorite drink is bath water...
well maybe 2nd favorite drink

You started eating baby food this month.
You don't like the baby cereal but you like everything else.

When you eat you totally chill in your high chair.
When Mama's getting your food ready you are very patient.

You have 6 teeth (4 on top, 2 on bottom)
There is a little space between your top two teeth that I think is absolutely adorable!

Anything that is halfway stable you pull yourself up on and push as you walk.
I'm wondering how long it will be till your walking on your own!

You don't like sitting still to read.....yet!

You only nap for an hour and a half (if I'm lucky)

When people ask what color your eyes are I don't know what to say
because they have changed so much.

You take 2 sometimes 3 naps

You can say Mama & Dada

You wave (when you want to)

You are constantly making noises with you mouth
every week the noises change it's so funny!

You are always making funny/weird faces.

Yesterday for the first time you crawled to the door daddy went out, banged on it, then fussed because you knew he had left.
It was sweet and sad.
It made daddy not want to leave.

You are definitely a mama's girl (like I prayed!)
but you sure do love your daddy and your sister too!

Haven you are a blessing from above!

Happy 10 Months!


Sarah Holmes said...

Wow! Your youngest is a month older than my youngest! :) I still have one more month until the 10 month mark - thank goodness! :) lol! They grow up so fast don't they?

Dr Phil said...

I love that laugh too. It may be my favorite thing. Miss her and all of you.

Faith said...
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