Monday, August 5, 2013

Growing Goodsons on the go

We are excited to announce an amazing opportunity that we, as a family, get to participate in. This last year has been one of stepping out in faith for our family. In January we felt God asking us to move 3,000 miles from our home in Lima, New York to Redding, California, literally across the country. In the last 8 months our family has experienced great healing, had foundations repositioned and solidified, been able to reconnect, and have been giving a clearer vision for our family. We have made wonderful friends and have greatly enjoyed Cali life.

It has been less than a year since taking the step of faith of leaving everything we know behind. Yet, we once again sense that God is asking our family to take another step of faith, a giant step of faith. We have the amazing privilege of spending 12 weeks in Africa as a family. In those 12 weeks we will be going to school, working with orphans, widows, and the poorest of the poor through Iris Ministries. The purpose of the schooling is to learn how to do missions work effectively and with the greatest level of impact. When this opportunity arose we knew that we were positioned in this season of our life to take this step of faith. We are extremely excited about this chance to love on those that have been forgotten about in their society.

We feel God is asking us to go and we are willing, but we are asking for you to consider partnering with us. We are looking for prayer partners and financial partners. We will be going to Africa from September 15-December 13. Our hope is to find a prayer partner for every day of the trip, as well as leading up to it and for direction once we return to the states. Would you agree to pray and/or fast for one (or multiple) day(s) for our family? You can click HERE to sign up on our Prayer Team Calendar.

Also, we are looking for financial partners who will be a part of the miracle in sending us to Africa. Our family of 5 needs to raise $8,500 for tuition, which is due August 25. We will also need an additional $11,500 for airfare and expenses while in Africa. Please consider being a part of this miracle! Since we will be attending school while in Africa we are unable to offer the ability for your gift of financial support to be tax-deductible.  You can send your financial gifts directly to us via Paypal using our email address In your Paypal Account select send money, then type our email address then select I'm Sending Money to Family or Friends.  Lastly press Continue. You can use this method using your Paypal account or for a small fee use your credit card. If you would like to send cash or check directly to us, please contact us and we will give you the mailing address.

We thank you so much for partnering with us. We are believing for our lives and the lives of those in Africa to be radically changed. Join us in this journey and see how God uses all of us together to spread His love in Africa.


Jim Richardson said...

Exciting news!

Carissa said...

Our family will be praying together for your family. Knowing that God will use this opportunity for amazing things. So excited for you. Glad that you are saying "YES" to God.

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! Yay! We'll pray! The Falcos