Monday, March 4, 2013

Still here, but there, which is now here for us!

Well, I once again went off the radar for a few months sorry about that. I feel like I had a pretty good moving our family literally cross country! That's right we are now residents of the 2nd sunniest city on average in the united states. I have to say in the 8 weeks of living here starting at end of January (which is when it's usually freezing in NY and you are sick of the snow that's only just begun) till now the beginning of March we have NOT been disappointed! The weather has been absolutely gorgeous & so refreshing! I have to admit. I am a little nervous about how hot it's gonna be in the summer :)

I still can't believe we live in California but here we are! It was hard to leave the people and church that we love but there is great comfort in knowing that for now this is right where God wants our family!

I've been pleasantly surprised at how well the kids have adjusted. Everyone, but Seth, took their turn being sick but thankfully were not traveling and were able to get unpacked before it hit. Right about the time we were feeling settle. Isn't that how it works? I think I got it the worst, it took me out for a whole week, but honestly it was partly my body needed that much time to recover from a crazy 8 months, seriously since Ephraim's been born it's been crazy...till we moved here and got settled. Life is going at a much slower pace...on purpose :) Although anyone with small children knows the pace of a regular day seems anything but slow. Life is good though.

So I know it's not much of an update besides to say we are here....well, there...but here :) And we are doing well! There is so much to process. It was a totally unexpected move but it was totally God and it was/is totally good!

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