Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hiccups & Sneezes

Can things like hiccups and sneezes can be hereditary? I'm asking because if they are Jericho has gotten her sneezes from her daddy. Seth sneezes twice every time that's it usually no more but almost always twice as does Jericho. From day one Jericho has sneezed twice, every once in awhile she will only sneeze once but most times it's twice just like Seth. It blows my mind that it's even a possibility that you can inherit something as a sneeze. If sneezes can be passed down then I'm sure hiccups can too. If that's the case I'm pretty sure Jericho gets her hiccup abilities from me. I know baby's are known for getting the hiccups but I think Jericho gets them more than normal. I've heard that baby's can get them if they don't burp well after they eat. Well, the video is about an hour after she ate and she burped very well. Jericho gets the hiccups all the time for no reason at all, like me. So I ask you, do you think hiccups and sneezes can be hereditary? Or do you think that baby's just hiccup a lot and that it's just a coincidence that Jericho sneezes twice like Seth. Let me know what you think!


Reesie said...

Heath also sneezes twice every time. I figured Heath got it from his dad whom I'm sure you know gets on a long roll everytime he sneezes. She may have inherited the sneezing and maybe the hiccups, but being a part of the Goodson family that may be the least of your worries for what may have been passed down.

My boys inherited the sleep walking and talking. It will be another year or so before we know if that runs in the girls genes too.

Katie said...

I'm not sure...seems like it could be heredity! I know Kyle hiccuped a lot as a baby...and he sneezed a lot too...but not 2x in a row like Seth and Jericho. It will be so awesome to see all the little manerisms (I have no idea if I spelled that word right!) she gets from you two!!! Thanks for sharing the video. She is precious!

daisygirl said...

I'm not sure if it's hereditary or not but, it's really cute. Ava was a hiccuper (is that a word?) and I think it might have something to do with not burping but, who knows? The video is adorable.