Sunday, December 16, 2007

Visiting Santa

We went to the mall last weekend (I know I'm a little slow posting) and the nice people at "Santa's Village" actually let me snap a few pictures of Jericho on Santa's lap instead of making me pay the ridiculous amount for them to take the picture. Jericho didn't seemed to mind the big guy in the red suit to much. She actually seemed to enjoy it (I think it was because her daddy was being funny and making her smile.) We had fun taking Jericho to see Santa and then walking the mall as a family.
While we walked we saw a few shoppers that were all Christmased out and in need of a nap. Definitely one of the highlights of our walk.

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Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Jericho is such a beautiful girl - her smile is precious.
Yay for Santa! And really nice people who let you take pictures on your own camera!

She looked quite at home on Santa's lap!

Daniel and I would have died laughing at the sleeping shoppers - how funny! I am so glad you took a picture - I would have wanted to if it was me, but I'm a scaredy cat so I wouldn't have :)